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Keanu Reeves in Interview

(Translated from German by Fiercelyred, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

He is known as one of Hollywood’s shyest stars. Generally speaking, Keanu Reeves doesn't like interviews very much and likes personal questions even less. But at the Berlinale he was in a very good mood, and showed up for the interview to promote his new film "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" feeling quite loquacious. The 44-year old, who plays Robin Wright Penn's 35-year old lover, told us why he felt too old for the part and what his midlife crisis looked like.

by Mireilla Zirpins

This time, you're not acting in a big-budget blockbuster. Do you feel like you need a change now and then?
No, that's not what it was. It's just a different kind of story, and a smaller part for once.

Then why did director Rebecca Miller have to persuade you to partake?
I thought I was too old.

Physically or mentally?
Probably mentally.

How long did you have to sit still in the make up-chair for the unusual Jesus-tattoo on your torso?
Four hours, but fortunately not every day. It was sealed, so that it lasted a while.

So, do you feel like getting a tattoo yourself now?
Oh God, like such a giant thing? No! Under the motto: “Hey, do you want to spend a little time with me and my tattoo?”

What does such a tattoo say about the person who wears it?
I think tattoos are interesting, but at the same time they are also a mask. You are exhibiting your past life on your body.

When someone can’t lie, like your character, is that a curse or a blessing?
It is good for you, but bad for the others.

You're always in the spotlight. Would you like to make yourself a bit more invisible?
Sometimes it’s truly fantastic. Here, at the Berlin premiere of Pippa Lee, I enjoyed it very much. But then that was about my film.

Sure, our photographer colleagues will not always be waiting only on the red carpet.
Yes, and that is sometimes quite hard to take, always being pursued. I mean, who would like that?

Your movie is about people in a midlife crisis. What was it like for you to turn 40?
Embarrassingly enough, turning 40 for me turned into the classic meltdown. It was very funny. For me, it was like a second puberty. In adolescence your body changes, your physical self, but also your intellectual and emotional self. And I felt as though something like that happened to me again at 40. My body, my hormones, my mind and my relation to myself and my environment suddenly changed. My young self suddenly disappeared, and at first I didn’t know anymore where I was at at all. I asked myself: where do I come from, and what do I do when one day I won’t wake up anymore? But it was also a cool experience.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The


Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The

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