Murex (US), February 12, 2009

The Lost Keanu Reeves Film - He Plays Narcissus

Echo by Stephen Hamel with Olivia Fougeirol & Keanu Reeves by Company Films

For years this pretty little film was sitting on the shelf due to a technical problem which prevented its release, now editor Paul Heiman, who cut the story, gives us the inside scoop.

Question: What held up this film in the beginning?

Paul: They shot the film in on the island of Cyprus 15 years ago. When they had it processed, they discovered it had some light leak damage. The whole thing was shelved as a result.

Question: How did you get involved?

Paul: Producer Brad Wyman recommended to the director that he send the film to me, to see if I could repair it.

Question: How did you fix the film?

Paul: We were able to use digital magic to fix it. So for all those years there was nothing to work with, and all the sudden we were able to get down to the work of telling the story they wanted to tell. One of the most amazing things about this story is that it is told from a woman’s point of view, the main character Echo. Remember from Greek Mythology, that she was cursed with only being able to repeat the voices of others, as her own was taken away.

Then also, Keanu is there working with a famous fashion photographer as director, playing a supporting role . What is almost haunting about this story, is that the tale is being told 4000 years afterwards on the same island.

Question: What is now going to be done with this film? Any release coming soon?

Paul: They are still talking about when it will be released. Now that the first obstacle of the film damage is gone, the next obstacle is getting the film in front of an audience.

Question: Can you show us anything?

Paul: Sure, you can see a cool clip here on the Murex site (see link under Keanu photo).

Question: What should we watch for?

Paul: The most amazing digital effect is when Keanu, as Narcissus is looking down into the pool of water, transfixed by his own image for the rest of his life. In the actual film shoot, there was no lake, we added that digitally in post to augment the story.

Question: Who came up with the idea to add the water?

Paul: That was me and that is one of the many reasons why editing is such a privilege, I get to really impact the story.

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