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Keanu Takes His Business Meeting Lying Down

There are business dinners and then there are Keanu Reeves business dinners.

The Matrix star showed that he's not all save-the-world intense during an unorthodox work discussion at a nearly empty Hollywood restaurant on Saturday. He took much of the Thai-cuisine dinner relaxing on his back in a secluded booth.

Fellow diners at Talesai were surprised to see the action star make it out on a night when much of that Sunset Blvd section was shut due to a movie production. There were not many folks to be seen.

But a "thin Keanu, fully bearded, wearing a tweed blazer with hiking boots" surprised a small group of patrons when he entered the joint with a female companion, according to one diner.

"They took the corner table by the wine cellar and he laid down on the booth like for a nap," says the diner. "The other woman stayed seated, and they would talk business casually. It was all very chill. Very Zen-like."

Odd and fantastic! Maybe this is a Thai custom we have not heard about until now.

Keanu did rise from the Thai Mellow Position to share a bottle of wine and a couple of plates of food -- and to even talk some more business. But mostly he just chilled out for what seemed like hours. He was still there when our spy left.

"He was so comfy that he seemed to really be making himself at home," says the diner.

He might still be there now. We should check!


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