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10 years later: 10 good and evil things from 'Matrix'

by Micah Mertes

I became acutely aware of my own inevitable mortality when I learned that “The Matrix” is a decade old this week.

Seems like only yesterday my acne-riddled, GF-less self was geeking out to Keanu Reeves dodging digital bullets and mumbling monosyllabic monologues.

The movie about a programmer who might be the modern-day messiah has aged well. It’s holding strong at No. 29 on Internet Movie Database’s list of the 250 greatest films. Entertainment Weekly deemed it the fifth-best action movie of the past 25 years.

But as with any beloved film, “Matrix’s” influence has been a mixed bag.

The five best things to come out of “The Matrix”:

1. A Keanu Reeves career revival. Before “Matrix,” the righteous dude of “Speed” and “Point Break” had hit a cold spot (Anyone remember “Johnny Mnemonic”?). “Matrix” put Keanu back on the A list.

2. “Matrix” finally gave people an alternative to those “Star Wars” movies.

3. The return of kung-fu to American cinema.

4. Pale became sexy again.

5. After “Matrix,” action movies got slightly more cerebral. The “Bourne” movies, the new “Bond” series and “Children of Men” have all kept the thinking-man’s action movie kickin’.

The five worst things to come out of “The Matrix”:

1. “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions.”

2. The Wachowski brothers. The once-promising duo fell from grace with “Matrix” 2 and 3 and would go on to make a crime against humanity called “Speed Racer.”

3. Bullet-time. The slow-mo technique that “Matrix” popularized was awesome ... in 1999. By 2002, the “bullet-time” sequence had been spoofed by 20 movies.

4. Shameless copycatting. The look, feel and karate of “Matrix” was aped (poorly) in everything from 2008’s “Max Payne” to those wretched “Charlie’s Angels” movies.

5. A Keanu Reeves career revival. We were all happy to see him popular again after “Matrix,” but then he squandered his good fortune with what? “The Lake House,” “Street Kings” and “Sweet November.”

Whoa is I.

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