(US), April 24, 2009

Update on Constantine 2

When Constantine opened in 2005 to a worldwide box office of $230 million, it seemed like the start of a franchise for the comic book adaptation. In 2006, producer Lauren Shuler Donner spoke positively about a sequel, saying she and a "team of writers" were "really going to go for it" on a sequel that would feature a "hard" R-rating, Keanu Reeves, and a story "outside of America." Then things went quiet.

In 2007, director Francis Lawrence suggested the sequel might actually be a prequel. "I like origin stories," he told ShockTilYouDrop. Then, once again, news of a sequel ceased.

Now it looks like a sequel may be on its way. Last year, Reeves told MoviesOnline he "wouldn't mind doing another Constantine" and he may get his wish. Recently, Shuler Donner told SciFiWire that a sequel "looks very good," and that she is "looking for a writer."

Wait, what happened to the "team?" Let's hope they haven't taken those sequel ideas with them. Fans of the comic would likely prefer a return to Constantine's English roots. Even if Reeves can't pull off the accent.

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(2009-04-27 02:45:50)
 nevermind the English roots... just cool it with the Catholic overtones and put more accent on the con-man aspect...

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