(US), April 30, 2009

Keanu Reeves in Talks for Cartagena

Production Weekly reports that Keanu Reeves is in talks to star in Cartagena. Clive Owen was previously attached to the drama.

The film centers on an undercover agent who gets caught in a complex plot and must elude drug dealers and international agents if he hopes to survive. The project is named for a city on Colombia's northern coast that has a colorful history featuring wars, robust economic activity and tourist development.

Michael Ross wrote the script.

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And... (2009-05-02 11:39:10)
 ...El Corazon!

Eh hem.


I think I jumped the gun a bit, the Man may be taking on some romantic films (of sorts here and there) but he's lining up waaay too much work to be on the prowl it would seem.

Of course, there is multi-tasking..


Anakin McFly
Yeah (2009-05-02 14:33:06)

Thought so too. He's got a whole lot of upcoming films either rumoured or lined up, and so far the only ones I'm interested in are Passengers and Chef.

Good rundown by lizzy1 here:

I'm... (2009-05-02 15:47:58)
 ..interested in Henry's Crime, along with Chef and Passengers - it sounds like one that he'd enjoy doing :)

Well, at least this ought to make the Stompanato disappointees happy :D

(2009-05-03 02:01:34)
 this Stompanato disappointee would have wanted to see that movie made for two reasons : it would have been the first time K would have played a 'real-life character'( correct my term if needed) , and , well... at least this way he would have got his Oscar... one way or the other. ;)
but maybe he thought better about it. ;)

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