TampaBay.com (US), May 4, 2009

Ron Howard's 'Parenthood' headed to NBC ... 20 years later

by Steve Spears

Cowboy Gil rides again. Parenthood, the Ron Howard ensemble film with Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Keanu Reeves and more, is coming to NBC as an hour-long TV series this fall.

The Associated Press says the cast will include Peter Krause, Maura Tierney and Craig T. Nelson. Howard, who directed the original 1989 film, is reportedly onboard as an executive producer on the show, which -- like the movie -- will be about "an extended family dealing with life's pressures."

The filming of the pilot, though, is off to a tragic start. The Los Angeles Times reports that Nora O'Brien, NBC's executive in charge of drama programming, died on the set of Parenthood last week. According to media reports, O'Brien died from a brain aneurysm.

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