Orlando Sentinel (US), May 15, 2009

Can't have too much Keanu--Cartegena is on his plate

by OtownRog

Keanu Reeves is slated to do a thriller pitched as a little French Connection, a little Michael Clayton.

He will star in Cartegena, playing an undercover agent in Colombia. Rupert Wyatt is expected to direct.

Screen Daily puts the budget mighty low for a Keanu thriller -- $25 million.But it's great that he will do something like this, or a Thumbsucker. He has choices. He could do potential blockbusters all the live long day, but he tries not to.

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Cartagena , Thumbsucker


Br0nz18 (2009-05-27 12:34:24)
 this is so one of the things I like about Keanu...he doesn't chase fame or stardom...just wants to do his job well.

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