Scarborough Evening News (UK), May 21, 2009

Ian rejects offer from Keanu Reeves

by Sophie Barley

A FORMER Scarborough-based social worker spent an evening "hanging out" with a Hollywood superstar after meeting him at a glitzy showbiz party in Los Angeles.

Ian Newton, who used to work from North Yorkshire House, in Scalby Road, met actor Keanu Reeves, star of such blockbusters as Speed and The Matrix trilogy, at the star-studded bash which was organised by his actor son Andrew.

Mr Newton, who runs an American acting company, said: "I was outside having a cigarette when Keanu came out and asked me for one. He said he never buys cigarettes but really wanted one."

He added: "Keanu asked me about my work with my company. I am a writer and my book is being made into a movie, and as a joke he asked if there was a part for him. I told him there was no way because he did not have a Yorkshire accent.

"He started trying one and it was very entertaining."

Mr Newton's book Dustbingate was inspired by the true story of a handful of working class men who stumbled on a story of sleaze in their local town hall. It is now being made into a film.


Speed , Matrix, The


Ruthiesmoking (2009-05-22 20:28:53)
 I remember an article where K mentioned he thought he should stop smoking. If he's trying to stop by ceasing to buy it's a bad plan - who is going to tell him "no" when he asks to bum a cig?
Anakin McFly
yeah (2009-05-22 23:34:33)

He should come up with a new revised plan - no buying cigarettes, and no taking cigarettes from people unless they're paparazzi. :|

("Suuure, you can take my photo... JUST GIVE ME A CIGARETTE FIRST.")

(2009-05-24 22:06:40)
 now that's not such a bad idea... ;)
GuestCan't do yorkshire accent (2009-06-15 17:25:01)
 I don't believe Keanu can't do a British yorkshire accent.He's the greatest actor. Come on Keanu prove Newton wrong. You are great.

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