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Barrie Woman Wants Child Support, Baby Butter From Keanu Reeves

by Leah Collins

Karen Sala of Barrie, ON is convinced that Keanu Reeves is The One -- who knocked her up with at least one of her four kids.

Sala, 46, has served The Matrix actor with papers demanding he supply a DNA sample, the Toronto Star reports. According to the newspaper, Sala is looking to obtain financial support for herself and her four grown children to the tune of $150,000 in child support a month, retroactive to June 1988. She is also demanding $3 million per month in spousal support, retroactive to November 2006. The case's first hearing has been set for July 6 in Barrie.

Sala's brood ranges between the ages of 20 - 25, and as she told the Star, they could use funds to go towards their post-secondary education. She also claims that she's taking legal action now because she wants "closure."

Reeves has denied knowing of Sala's existence, and as his rep told the Star, he finds her allegations "completely false and absurd."

The actor's business manager, Paul Knell, told the paper that he was suspicious of Sala's decision to pursue action considering her kids are, well, no longer kids.

"Before you disparage my client and lend validity to this, there's clearly something wrong with someone who claims child support after all the kids have grown. I'm just pointing that out," Knell told the Star.

Sala, however, told the paper that her relationship with Reeves goes back to childhood, when they were growing up in Toronto. According to her account, she carried on a sexual relationship with Reeves before and during her marriage, and that he stayed in contact with her to some degree over the years, buying Christmas gifts for her kids and even visiting her in hospital when she gave birth to her youngest son.

Sala also claims she appealed to Reeves to provide for her family in the past, without the help of the court.

However, she says she's unsure which of her spawn may indeed be part movie-star -- though she tells the Star "at least one of them" has a certain Reeves-ish resemblance.

Forget DNA, has she ever tried getting the kids to do a cold reading of Much Ado About Nothing? The one with the flattest delivery is the moneybag with teeth.

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The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children , Matrix, The , Much Ado About Nothing


Anakin McFly
Even in times like this... (2009-05-30 19:15:13)

The fish have to be fish.
(2009-05-30 21:39:44)
 apparently they do. but then, maybe it's better than taking the issue seriously...
(2009-09-18 08:20:07)
 Right. I seriously doubt those "kids" are his. I mean, they're not even kids anymore, they're adults.
Guest (2009-09-18 18:47:36)
 Crazy, like this could have gone on so long and the tabloids never knew

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