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Woman Hoping Some Of Her Kids Are Keanu's

Self-proclaimed Canadian ex-lover of Keanu Reeves asks the actor, "Are any of these four yours?"

by Ryan Porter

Are Keanu Reeves' secret Canadian children living and working among us? Karen Sala, a 46-year-old woman in Barrie, Ontario, has staked $100 million dollars worth of hopes and dreams on that prospect. She filed papers in Ontario's Superior Court on Monday, May 25, requesting Keanu take a paternity test to determine which, if any, of her four children, ages 20 to 25, are his, the Toronto Star reports. She says at least one looks like him. I like those odds.

Complicating her superstar offspring fantasies, she admits she was married for part of the time she was conducting her affair with Ted Theodore Logan. For his part, Keanu's people deny that he knows her at all. "Karen Sala's allegations are completely false and absurd," Keanu's rep told the Star. "Mr. Reeves has no knowledge of who she is." His business manager was equally skeptical. "Before you disparage my client and lend validity to this, there's clearly something wrong with someone who claims child support after all the kids have grown," Keanu's manager told the Star.

But wait! Wait! Karen can explain! She did ask Keanu for support earlier, but it's only now that the kids are in post-secondary school that she needs a little extra help, in the neighbourhood of $100 million. To be clear, that cash is $150,000 per month in child support extending back to June 1988, around the time her youngest was born, and a whopping $3 million per month in spousal support dating back to November 2006. That would be a grand total of $93 million in spousal support for a couple who wasn't even married, so good luck with that, lady. By comparison, Kevin Federline's cushy support payments are in the neighbourhood of $200,000 per month.

Those numbers are crazy, but her Keanu-studded history isn't total nonsense. She says she's known Keanu since he was seven and she was nine, that she lived with him when they were teenagers, and that he came to the hospital when the youngest was born. "He used to buy them Christmas gifts when they were little," Karen told the Star. "His mother bought Easter gifts and stuff like that." She also says she met his co-stars Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz through him, although it wasn't clear if this meeting was in person or through a magical portal in her TV.

If Karen is telling the truth, she certainly made herself look like a raving crazy by asking for such a Heather Mills-esque wad of cash. She also couldn't dig up any pictures of herself with Keanu for the Star, although she says she does have them. Hopefully there is at least a grain of truth to this, because if not, someone really needs to to gently coax The Lake House out of her hands before someone gets hurt.

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The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children , Lake House, The


Anakin McFly
(2009-06-03 17:41:33)

Out of all those covering the issue, I still like this article best.
oh my (2009-06-04 18:30:45)
 that IS the best article. Who wouldn't want to have an affair with Ted Theodore Logan?
GuestChild support case with the crazy lady (2009-06-05 19:54:35)
 Duuuuude! This lady is totally off her rocker. The good news is that if this case even gets to the deposition phase (it may because the world is just as wacky as this lady)..because this looney dragged his mom into it..she can fire off a depo saying she's never met this noodlehead. I hope he doesn't show up at court. That's what people like her want. Face time. It shows that the object of their affection 'cares'. She could have a gun and blow him away on the courthouse steps. STAY HOME KEANU. LET YOUR PEOPLE HANDLE IT FOR YOU. He just got rid of this other papparazi jerk. Give the guy a rest already.
(2009-06-08 15:54:50)
 Totally..I mean, it's obviously not true, you know? And like you said, this lady's dragged his mom into it and everything. The woman's nuts. I wish the haters would just leave him alone. I really do.

"Someone needs to gently coax the Lake House out of her hands before someone gets hurt." Lol at that line especially.

GuestKeanu's imaculate conception supa sperm (2009-06-13 18:14:23)
 Cant imagine having photos with Keanu n losing them if he was my kids dad!Who does that!She had over two decades 2 act & didnt so it doz seem sus.Let the bloke live in peace &give him his privacy
GuestThe pro's and con's of life in the public eye (2009-06-18 19:01:34)
 I kind of feel sorry for this lady, not a great deal mind you, more so for her children.I think there is some mental issues here.

If there is any truth to her allegations than one would presume that a lawyer would at the very least be representing her sorry a$$ in court.She wants a cool 3 million per month for spousal support from someone she claims to have had a affair with many years ago(classy girl).No marriage just some good ol sack action.That's a phenomenal amount of money,and what would she even do with all that cash if she had it in her hot little hands anyway? Why has there been no word from the ex husband regarding her claims that at least one of his children may not be his own? Has he been DNA tested yet?

Surely if she has known keanu from such a tender age then there would be people backing this up.Her story is just that...A story...

You best be believing that if keanu was the father of one of my children that it would not take twenty years to bring the matter to light.In my opinion, and money aside keanu seems like the kind of man that would want to play a big part in raising a child,if it were his own no matter what the circumstances were.

This is just a small price he pays for being famous and unfortunately anyone is entitled to make tiresome accusations against whomever they choose.My guess is keanu needs no luck with this one, she has already loaded the gun and shot herself in the foot!


New York? (2009-06-19 18:08:15)
 Not sure if I am remembering correctly (I think I'm getting old?)but, is there an article somewhere in the archive that has Keanu saying he lived in New York with his mother and sister Kim until he was 8 (eight) or 9 (nine) years old?
Just wondering
Anakin McFly
Yep! (2009-06-19 18:16:48)

"When I press him about his past, he resists for a couple of minutes, staring unhappily at my big tape recorder on the table ("the dinosaur", he calls it), then splurges forward in an uncomfortable mixture of semi-revelation and parody. The following is delivered as a totally uninterrupted monologue:

"Oh, wow. O.K., so here we go. I lived in New York City until I was six or seven or eight. I grew up in Manhattan - Upper West Side - and then I moved to Toronto. That’s where I spent my misspent youth, my spent youth. I spent my youth, my youth was spent. I’m a middle-class white boy... a bourgeois middle-class white boy with an absent father, a strong-willed mother, and two beautiful younger sisters. ... "

- "The Pursuit of Excellence"

Damn Anakin (2009-06-19 18:22:04)
 You are good :-)
GuestWhat the F*** (2009-06-28 03:40:00)
 There's alway's going to be someone looking to get Keanu Reeves to be the father of thier kid's.Ruuuuun;Keanu,Ruuuuun.Watch out for those Babies Daddies!thier like Hawk's on a mongusse.
GuestBabies Daddies (2009-06-28 03:58:24)
Watch out ever since you mentioned wanting to be married and have children.Every Babies Momma!is going to come out of the wood-work.I pray;you keep it wraped up tight like Fort-knowx.You cann't make a whoe a house-wife.Didn't any one tell you leave the whoe streetside?

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