TV Park (Russia), June 15, 2009

Star Luggage or Why Maria Carey Needs 20 Suitcases

(Translated from Russian by Kiknadze Tatiana, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

However, the most preposterous when it comes to matters of luggage is Keanu Reeves, the point being that The Matrix star prefers to go overseas carrying only one piece of hand luggage. You may not believe it, but in the mid-90s the actor arrived in Tokyo from Frisco with nothing but a plastic bag in his hands. And we have an explanation for this strange observation. In spite of having earned millions from his movies, Reeves wasn’t in a hurry to acquire some property: only in 2003 did he buy real estate (a small residence in an L.A. suburb) for the first time in his life . For decades before that he lived only in N.Y, Boston, Toronto and San Diego hotels. The main thing is to have a toothbrush handy. One doesn’t need more than a plastic bag to carry it.


Caption: Keanu Reeves now travels with a big bag. But there were times when his luggage consisted of just a plastic bag. (Melbourne, 2008)


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