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Robin: Keanu is a gentle giant

Keanu Reeves has been praised as a "gentle giant" by his co-star Robin Wright Penn.

The two play an unlikely couple in The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, which also stars Winona Ryder, Julianne Moore and Blake Lively, and Robin said Keanu was perfect for his role as a kind, soulful slacker.

She said: "I thought he was quite good actually, he's perfect for it - he's a gentle giant."

She went on: "He's very comfortable around girls, thank God because it was a full set of girls!"

The 43-year-old actress added that he made her feel comfortable on set.

"I feel like we were blessed to have him do it, because it didn't feel strange. The dynamic was already there. To me, that's chemical. When a director knows, when they walk in, that that person clicks, and we just had it. We needed Pippa to be seen, and he's the first person that actually sees her for who she is, she knows he sees her, and it's beautiful as she's then allowed to blossom," Robin said.

Talking about the stellar cast, the film's director Rebecca Miller said it was casting Robin in the lead role which encouraged the others to sign up.

"Robin Wright Penn was just the perfect person to play Pippa I thought, and there she was, she wanted to do it and then gradually everybody kind of came round her really. We had Julianne Moore, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Alan Arkin and everybody kind of came round her really," she said.

:: The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee is out in cinemas on July 10.

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Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The


Gentle giant (2009-06-21 14:01:35)
 I like that - and I suppose he was probably the tallest person on the set :D

How is it that the people who make these things always have this to say, and yet the people who think they know about these things - but have never made one in their lives - always take license to say different?

They themselves lead me to the inevitable conclusion that one must be big on mouth and little on knowledge/brain to be an acknowledged critic of performance.

critics (2009-06-21 21:13:19)
 well, I could point an exception to this rule... a Romanian director/screenwriter/translator/sci-fi writer/movie critic
who usually knows what he's talking about.
but in the end, all opinions are subjective.
and since he'd blasted to pieces the Matrix sequels, I'm not taking anything he writes for granted. but most of the times my own opinion about movies matches his reviews. and then, I always keep in mind that perceptions DO differ ;)
also keep in mind that being an acknowledged critic is a tricky job. it depends on who does the acknowledging. but you already knew that ;)
one thing I will give Romanian movie critics is that they're -usually- not afraid to speak their minds and most of them don't pay attention to the trends. which doesn't make them right; just loud ;)

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