Guardian (UK), July 4, 2009

The guidelines: The highs and lows of Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder

by Steve Rose

Keanu. Winona. Winonu. Keana.

Two ageless pin-ups of the Generation X era, two lovable lost souls, two improbable survivors. And even if rumours that Reeves and Ryder became awfully close on the set of their new movie The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee are almost certainly idle gossip, they kind of go together, don't they? In fact, why has it taken them so long? Steve Rose scans.

Defining role

Keanu Ted Logan, of Bill and Ted: cheerfully clueless dude with an instinctive ability for separating the excellent from the bogus.

Winona Veronica in Heathers: archetypal teen outsider heroine with a more 80s-tacular wardrobe than Cyndi Lauper let loose in the Miami Vice dressing room.

Typecast ever since as

Keanu Messianic zen beefcake. Prone to getting his brain scrambled and losing his identity. Often says things that are either so deep they're dumb or so dumb they're deep.

Winona Perceptive intellectual crumpet. Attracted to charismatic misfits whose inner beauty only she can see. Often has personality issues and cries a lot. Usually writes a diary.

Previous encounters

Bram Stoker's Dracula Drawn together by their terrible British accents, Reeves and Ryder are actually engaged at the start of Coppola's operatic horror. But then Gary Oldman sticks his fangs in, seducing Winona with Slavic prose and freshly groomed wolves.

A Scanner Darkly Nearly the happy couple once again, except they're too stoned and weirdly animated to get their romance on. Winona is the girlfriend of Keanu's hallucinating undercover narc. She's also his dealer. And possibly his boss. It gets confusing.

Career high

Keanu Point Break: a cop undercover as a zen surfer dude, who loses his identity - who else you gonna call?

Winona The Age Of Innocence: Oscar-nominated playing against type as a staid little society heiress - who says she can't act?

Career low

Winona Autumn In New York. As a terminally ill kook whose last act is to fall for Richard Gere. Why? Why? Why, Winona?

Keanu Sweet November. As a brain-dead yuppie who falls for terminally ill kook Charlize Theron. No! No! No! Keanu!

Rock star credentials

Keanu Dogstar, dude! He played bass, remember? No, well then you gotta remember his next band, Becky. He played bass, remember? Er ... any takers for a Keanu "moments in bass" solo album?

Winona Um, does Johnny Depp count? Or the guy from Rilo Kiley? OK, what about her starring role in the video for Mojo Nixon's Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child?

Life-changing franchise

Keanu The Matrix movies: he could basically buy all the bass guitars in the world now.

Winona Saks Fifth Avenue ... until the store detective asked to check her bag one day.


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