Something Awful (US), August 4, 2009

Personal Encounters With Celebrities

(snipped for Keanu)

Keanu Reeves - Some friends and I went to see Eddie Izzard do a one-night show in LA a couple years ago. We're standing in line outside the theatre to be let in, and this guy walks past us and I think "Wow, that looks like Keanu Reeves." He goes to the box office, gets his tickets, and walks back out past me again, and it's definitely Keanu Reeves. I was pretty stunned, because Keanu Reeves doesn't have to wait in line for anything in LA if he doesn't want to, but he stood out there with us for about half an hour.

Inside, he sat near us on the very end on the aisle, accompanied by a woman who I suppose was his date. He's really quite tall, at least 6' 1", and the woman behind him was very short. He realized this and asked her if she could see around him. She couldn't, so he scrunched down and asked "How about now?" and continued to do so until he was almost out of the seat. He ended up switching places with his companion so the woman behind him had a clearer view. We all thought that was pretty fucking cool.

- Keldroc




GuestPretty cool (2009-08-08 21:57:52)
 That's how keanu is...he is one of the most kind hearted actors I am a fan of..that's why i will love him eternally....

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