Winnipeg Sun (Ca), August 16, 2009

Something Eating Keanu?

by Linda Massarella

Toronto-raised top actor Keanu Reeves ordered a plate of sushi and a litre of hot saki at a Japanese restaurant this past week, shoved the sushi aside, grabbed the saki -- and ran outside with it to chain smoke -- before rejoining his friends 20 minutes later. A source close to The Matrix star said the 44-year-old has been acting oddly -- growing his beard so long he's starting to look like Grizzly Adams, not eating and smoking more cigarettes than usual. The source said the pending child support case with a Barrie, Ont., woman, Karen Sala, is "bugging him." Sala is the mother of four adult children (aged 20 to 25) who in June publicly claimed Reeves fathered one or more of her children and is demanding a DNA test and millions of dollars in back child support. Reeves denies even knowing her, yet, there's a case conference set for Aug. 20 in Barrie and Reeves is dispatching his lawyer, who maintains the case is "frivolous."

"Keanu's really sensitive," said the source. "The whole thing left him thinking, 'Gosh, what kind of world do we live in?' You have to understand, when someone just comes out and says, 'Hey, give me money you rich actor guy', it's a little sickening and that's what Keanu's feeling."

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The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


Matrix, The , The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


"sigh" (2009-08-18 22:03:25)
 Here we go again, he goes to his usual down-time appearance and the whispers start about his mental health :(

Whatever the basis and outcome of this paternity mess, I'd agree that it would weigh on a mind like Keanu's, he feels and thinks, unlike many others.

(2009-08-18 22:14:57)
 << he feels and thinks, unlike many others. >>

ouch ;)

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