The Santiago Times (Chile), August 17, 2009

Keanu Reeves Meets with Farkas for Film Deal

Actor Keanu Reeves traveled to Santiago this Saturday – his first visit to Latin America – to meet with business magnate and mining investor Leonardo Farkas. Reeves, star of blockbuster hits Speed and the Matrix series, came to discuss possible financial backing for an upcoming film project.

Reeves arrived from Los Angeles and met Farkas at the Sheraton Hotel for a lunch meeting. Joined by Farkas’ wife Tina, their three kids, and the French producers for Reeves’ project, the group enjoyed six bottles of Chilean wine while discussing the new movie. The group tight-lipped about the film’s details.


Speed , Matrix, The


Anakin McFly
Anyone know (2009-08-18 19:55:04)

What film this might be? :
Guestwell, (2009-08-18 23:58:48)
 i read that it might be a comedy, so ...
maybe henry's crime?

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