(UK), August 18, 2009

Keanu Reeves in Chile for movie talks

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves was spotted in Chile on Sunday (August 16), in the capital Santiago to discuss the possibility of a new film with the flamboyant Chilean millionaire Leonardo Farkas

When stopped outside the San Cristobal Tower hotel where he was staying, the 44-year-old Canadian actor said he was invited by Farkas to Chile to discuss doing a new comedy together.

Farkas is a local mining mogul and is well-known for leaving enormous tips at restaurants and throwing out money on the streets in Chile's poorer quarters.

Actor Keanu Reeves saying:

"Yeah, we were talking about making a film together and he showed me a great time the past couple of days and met some great people. It's my first time in Chile and it was absolutely extraordinary - just a really good time."

Local media said the two-day trip had included a ride in one of Farkas' private helicopters, a few pisco sour cocktails on the beach at the nearby Zapallar seaside resort and then dinner at an Andean ski resort.

Reeves is known for his offbeat movie choices. Since his success with the Matrix Triology, he laid pretty quiet until December last year until he made another box-office with sci-fi flick "The Day the Earth Stood Still".


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