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Minor Story Details on Live Action COWBOY BEBOP!

One of our industry moles have chimed in with some spoiler free story details from the 20th Century Fox big screen adaptation of COWBOY BEBOP starring Keanu Reeves.

Here is what the Polar Bear has to offer:

Hey Robert, wanted to share some minor details from the Cowboy Bebop movie starring Keanu.

So for the inside scoop on Cowboy Bebop I have found out that everyone's favorite, "cowboy", bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, the ex Red Dragon crime syndicate member, is seriously back in action for this one. And fans don't have to worry all their favorite characters are there as well.

Jet Black, the once former Inter-Solar System Police officer and owner of the Bebop, Faye Valentine the compulsive gambler who has more debt than there are stars in the sky, Vicious the ex Red Dragon syndicate member and arch-rival of Spike, and Julia the mysterious love interest of Spike.

Not wanting to give to much away, I will tell you that we will in fact be going back to a storyline that fan boys might remember involving Spike and Vicious. We'll be learning more about why they are connected and how that plays into the Bebop's world.

Everyone will love that they are staying true to the nature of the original anime. Not wanting to stray too far from Shinichiro-Watanabe, the director of the classic anime Cowboy Bebop, they have kept the characters the same. Spike with his quick thinking and wit, Jet still being rough around the edges but always caring, Faye trying to use her sexual prowess to get what she wants, and Vicious being well vicious.

Not wanting to be out done by it's animated counterpart, the movie has some awesome action scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat mixed in with the sarcastic humor of the Bebop crew.

With all that said, I believe this movie will not only make the fans of the series happy but will also bring some new fans to it as well.

Until next time, see you space cowboy.

Call me the Polar Bear

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NOW (2009-08-19 17:30:12)
 I have a question.
who's gonna play Vicious ?

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