The Sun (UK), August 21, 2009

Diaz is Speed dating Keanu

by Carl Stroud

CAMERON DIAZ has been spotted on a date with Speed star KEANU REEVES - after a quick-fire round of romances with three other Hollywood heart-throbs.

The couple dined together at a secluded restaurant in Los Angeles before heading off to a cinema until the early hours.

Playful Cameron entertained Keanu, 44, by trying to stuff an entire HAMBURGER into her mouth.

The star of There's Something About Mary enjoyed a string of dates with both JUDE LAW and LEONARDO DICAPRIO on a visit to London last month.

And earlier this month she had reportedly started dating Sex and the City hunk JASON LEWIS.

An onlooker at low-key eatery the Whisper Lounge in Los Angeles said of Cameron and Keanu: "They looked very cosy.

"Cameron was stuffing her burger in her mouth and playing up the fact that she has that wide mouth. Keanu was laughing - it was strange to see him giggling like that as he's regarded as a bit serious."

The duo washed down their meal with cocktails before heading arm-in-arm to a cinema where they stayed until 1am.

Cameron, 36, and Keanu played lovers in 1996 flick Feeling Minnesota.


Feeling Minnesota

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