The Canadian Press (Ca), September 1, 2009

Keanu Reeves agrees to DNA paternity testing

Barrie woman says he may be father of four adult sons

BARRIE, Ont. — A central Ontario woman was jubilant as she left court today after hearing that Hollywood star Keanu Reeves has agreed to a DNA test that will be compared to her children’s DNA.

The DNA will be used to find out if the actor is the biological father of any of Karen Sala’s four adult sons.

The issue was brought to court last May when Sala, 46, filed a claim that Reeves is the father of at least one of her four adult children.

Sala wanted the court to order the DNA test to prove it.

She refused to say if she is seeking any financial support from Reeves.

However, documents filed with the court show she is asking for $150,000 a month in child support retroactive to June 1988, and an order for $3 million a month in spousal support retroactive to November 2006.

“It’s great news,” Sala said outside of court today. “Finally, we can get some closure on this.”

“This is not about revenge or an attack on his good character, it’s about closure and getting some peace,” said Sala. “This is a personal journey.”

While Reeves did not appear in family court today, Toronto lawyer Lorne Wolfson confirmed that his client has agreed to the test.

“There will be a DNA test done within the next while,” Wolfson said. “All parties have consented to having the test.”

Reeves’s publicist, Cheryl Maisel, had said previously that the actor does not know Sala.

The parties are expected to be back in court on Oct. 16.

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The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


Anakin McFly
Will this even achieve anything? (2009-09-02 10:53:47)

Since she previously only said that he 'might' be the father of 'one of' her children.
well (2009-09-02 15:41:50)
 it probably will close the case, one way or the other ...
Anakin McFly
unless (2009-09-02 15:57:58)

...he has a secret twin running about somewhere. :
Torn (2009-09-02 18:28:03)
 You know part of me understands that this maybe the fastest way to get this crazy b***h out of his life. Another part of me thinks he should continue to fight it because no one should be allowed to drag another person into this kind of hell and get away with it
sometimes (2009-09-02 19:54:58)
 the path of least resistance is the best ;)
and the sooner this circus is closed, the better.
in the same time, I guess that if the woman is lying... this personal journey is gonna cost her. A lot.
bluecloverI figure (2009-09-03 08:19:49)
 that the women is lying or delusional. Not sure which I hope for. I guess it could be a money grab attempt but if it is then it doesn't seem like she really thought it though.
Call me naive (2009-09-03 08:17:44)
 But I cannot think of a single reason why if this were true KR would have cause to deny it. All he would have to say is she never told him she was married or that he maybe the father and take the test. Middle aged woman with no husband looking desperate and trying to make her self appear more important than she really is at someone elses expense was and still is my thought. I have heard that menopause can make some women crazy and irrational
Anakin McFly
Alternatively (2009-09-03 08:57:29)

ADMIN was just someone who looked like Keanu, and/or told her that he was Keanu, and she fell for it. She has yet to present that photo, right?
He either knows... (2009-09-03 13:59:08)
 or he knows no fear ;)

I sit on the fence and watch... whatever the outcome it will have zero impact on my thoughts about him :)

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