(US), September 1, 2009

Keanu Reeves seems to be entranced in London as he enjoys a late summer's romantic weekend

Keanu Reeves is loved up in London as he enjoys a late summer's romantic weekend, strolling through the wild grass with a mystery brunette. The two sat cosily on a bench while gazing into each others eyes, chatting and laughing for several hours. At one point, the Matrix star was seen tenderly touching her necklace. As the sun began to set, the two walked through the meadows as they returned to Keanu's Triumph motorbike and, after helping each other get their helmets on, the romantic twosome rode off together. Keanu was drinking a can of 'Whole Earth' sparkling organic Elder-flower juice and smoking the additive free 'American Spirit' cigarettes.


Matrix, The


What? (2009-09-03 14:00:44)
 This sounds more like a fashion mag article, I was expecting to get a description of what they were wearing :D
Anakin McFly
You did (2009-09-03 14:03:41)

She was wearing a necklace, and both of them were wearing helmets. :|
(2009-09-03 14:05:47)

Alright Ani - but was that all they were wearing?!

I'd like to have seen that ;)

Hmm (2009-09-03 16:11:26)
 If that where the case I am sure by now we all would have seen that :)
Guest (2009-09-04 02:45:18)
 Go Keanu!
This is what they were wearing (2009-09-04 23:35:37)
 This is what they were wearing:

No report on what the helmets looked like, though. But there's at least a picture of the beverage and smokes.... ;-)

PS: I love the look of the biker's jacket next to his friend. I'd like to have a jacket like that!

mascnzInteresting (2009-09-06 14:15:12)
 Thanks for the link, inkhuldra.
Why do you suppose the article had to tell us what they were drinking?
And someone would have had to have watched them for the "several hours" that they were there. And someone took professional photos. Is Keanu not permitted to have a private sit on a bench with a lady friend, without such an intrusion? Or do you not see it as an intrusion?

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