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Keanu Reeves to winter in Buffalo

Star to film Henry's Crime starting in November

by Rich Newberg

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Filming in Buffalo will begin this fall on a romantic comedy staring Keanu Reeves.

Movie producers are taking a second look at all the Queen City can offer.

Movie producer, Michael Goodin out of New York City is scouting out Buffalo locations that could pass for the inside of an aircraft carrier for a new movie called, "Burning Blue."

He is fascinated with the Buffalo's old Colonel Ward Pumping Station but it doesn't quite fit the bill.

"I don't know for "Burning Blue" but definitely an excellent location. A lot of history here too," said Goodin.

Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark has gotten assurances that the Queen City is number one on the short list for this motion picture but a sure thing for a new Keanu Reeve's story.

The filming of the Buffalo based "Henry's Crime," has been announced in Variety.

Clark said, "And actually it goes back to Keanu himself, who has very fond memories of Buffalo. He grew up nearby Toronto and is pretty much insisting that this project be written for Buffalo."

The ruins leading up to Buffalo's old Central Terminal recently served as a set for a sequel to the 1988 cult film, "Slime City Massacre".

In "Slime City Massacre", four squatters in a post apocalyptic New York City discover an elixir that causes them to become possessed.

Writer and Director, Gregory Lamberson said, "I brought a lot of actors in from out of town and they thought it was a million dollar set. I didn't have a million dollars to spend, so that worked out well."

East Side resident, Brian Morrison enjoyed watching the movie being made this summer and is delighted with the notion that Buffalo holds an attraction for film makers.

He said, "I think it's great, ya know, any outside industry visiting here. Things in this neighborhood, especially, are so blighted, things haven't been good here. It's just great to see any kind of activity, anything at all."

Tim Clark says the script was written, based on a trip by the writers to Buffalo three years ago.

Reeves is co-producing and starring in the film and Clark says he is not the only star who will be coming into town.

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Henry's Crime


Well I hope not.. (2009-09-03 14:03:02)
 I'd hate to see Keanu trying to carry the entire production all alone, hopefully he'll have some other actors to play off of :D

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