The Daily Record (UK), September 5, 2009

Keanu Reeves springs surprise visit on Dundee Rep for Chekhov play

MATRIX star Keanu Reeves stunned actors and theatregoers at Dundee Rep - by turning up for a production of The Cherry Orchard.

The Hollywood star joined the theatre while researching for his next film role in romantic comedy Henry's Crime, which includes rehearsal scenes of Chekhov's drama.

Keanu, 44, and director Malcolm Menville spent three hours with visiting Russian director Vladimir Bouchler and members of the Rep's acting company.

Artistic director James Brining said: "We were surprised but delighted when Keanu and Malcolm got in touch about coming to see the show and talk about the process of putting it together.

"I hope that it's useful for them and informs their own process of putting the movie together. "

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