Latino Review (US), September 9, 2009

Point Break 2: Not Happening

by Dave Gonzales

What we knew about Point Break 2 can be summed up easily, because it wasn't much. The sequel would have been called Point Break: Indo (Indo = Indonesia, but shorter and therefore cooler), and was rumored to be helmed by Jan de Bont and written by the same guy who wrote the original, W. Peter Iliff.

Keanu Reeves was alerted to the project's existence, as was sick-and-dying Swayze (who likely wouldn't have returned) and Kathryn Bigelow seemed only tangentally aware of the flick because people kept mentioning it during limited press for The Hurt Locker.

What the FBI would be investigating instead of bank robbing surfers? Umm: Pirates. But instead of being called "The Ex Presidents" and surfing, they would surf and be called "The Bush Administration." Which was funny.

No need to get too laugh-y about the whole matter, though, 'cause it ain't happening:

OK, wanna know what's going on with "Point Break Indo"? Nothing. It's dead. Two as-good-as-official sources have just confirmed for me that the film has fallen over. It may get back up later, but at this stage it's not happening and the attached cast have been freed up to work on other projects. Had a feeling this might have been the case.

If you click the link to the source, you'll see this is the last entry in a impressive search for someone who knew what was happening with the Point Break sequel. And, we hadn't heard about it for months while stuff like The Green Hornet has press releases for every zit Seth Rogen gets on his back, so it doesn't surprise me the sequel died a quiet death.

We have one movie with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves as surfing bank robbers, is it really that important we see the same thing in a different location with less-charismatic leads?

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