The Hollywood Reporter (US), September 13, 2009

VIDEO: Keanu Reeves, webisode star

Actor hams it up for My Damn Channel show 'Spärhusen'

by Andrew Wallenstein

If movies don't work out for Keanu Reeves, he may have a promising future on the Internet.

The actor has a role in "Spärhusen," a new "Spinal Tap"-esque comedic webisode series set to launch later this month from online programming hub My Damn Channel.

Donning a blonde wig, Reeves plays Vorste Fierron, a Swedish pop-music producer for a wannabe supergroup (see him in a trailer for "Spärhusen" at left). The first episode features a chronicle of the backstage tension over the band's breakthrough single, "Apples & Fish."

"Spärhusen" is from writer-producer-star Illeana Douglas, who also stars in another My Damn Channel series returning for a second season, "Easy to Assemble." "Spärhusen" was also co-created and co-stars Rob Mailhouse and Todd Spahr.

"Spärhusen" is a featured piece of a so-called new fall season of programming from My Damn Channel, which former CBS Radio exec Rob Barnett founded in 2007 with talent including Harry Shearer and Don Was. Both are back for the new season on the site.

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