The Globe and Mail (Ca), September 16, 2009

Keanu Reeves, the mane attraction

Pippa star talks up his hair, Jennifer Garner dazzles in Oscar de la Renta and Suzanne Somers shares thoughts on Patrick Swayze

Keanu Reeves has "hair-in-waiting." That's how he described his considerably longer (daresay, hunky) mane last night at a post-screening dinner for The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. He's currently spending time in Buffalo preparing for his next film, Henry's Crime, which he said bridges the romantic and bank-heist genres. The scruffy look, he said, is what happens when he's in between projects.

In this film, meanwhile, he plays a heavily tattooed neighbour-turned-suitor for Pippa, played with persuasive poise by Robin Wright Penn, who also turned out for the occasion.

In case anyone is curious, Mr. Reeves has no tattoos in real life.

And because hair seemed to be a conversation starter, Vancouver native Ryan McDonald, who plays Pippa's son, was barely recognizable now that his shag was shorn. Also gone: his Canadian accent. "I picked pieces from other accents and made it my own," he said. "It's malleable."

The sparkly but understated soiree, held at Victor Lounge in the St. Germain Hotel in downtown Toronto, brought out Toronto A-listers Jonas and Lynda Prince, Suzanne and Mark Cohon, Paul Sinclaire, Eric Berthold, Kim Newport Mimran and husband Joe Mimran, whose mega-brand Joe Fresh Style played host with Maple Pictures.

Before digging into such menu items as a charcuterie plate, green gazpacho, Ontario lamb or farmed black cod and crab dumpling, Mr. Mimran shared his feelings about the film. "I found it very disturbing, to be honest. I find movies about dysfunctional families to be really sad. It had a Kurt Vonnegut meets Woody Allen sensibility." It's a comparison that director Rebecca Miller (daughter of famed playwright Arthur), would likely appreciate.


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(2009-09-17 07:10:31)
 That's the best photo of Keanu with the longer hair that I've seen yet.
crossing my fingers and hoping (2009-09-17 19:08:51)
 He keeps the hair for Henry's Crime. I don't know why I just love his look with the long hair
(2009-09-17 20:03:26)
 Long hair doesn't work for many guys. Keanu's one of the rare ones it does work on.

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