Toronto Life (Ca), September 16, 2009

Keanu Reeves won’t comment on beard, fans dismayed by facial hair

We’re sure Keanu Reeves’s new film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is great, but we were distracted throughout its press conference yesterday by his long scraggly hair and beard reminiscent of a Queer Eye candidate. Or a homeless person. A homeless person who makes millions of dollars.

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that question until I speak to my people,” he said in response to whether he put much thought into his festival facial hair.

Later that evening, we waited for Reeves and co-star Robin Wright Penn to walk the red carpet at Roy Thomson Hall for the gala premiere of the film. “I hope he’s clean shaven,” said one fan. She remained optimistic after we reported our beard sighting. “Maybe he’ll shave on the way here.”

But the one-time Torontonian showed up without any evidence of coming into contact with a Mach3. He also wore the same suit black suit, black T-shirt and hiking boots from the press conference. It was a complete contrast to Wright Penn, who arrived in a smoking leather-like strapless dress with strappy stilettos. For a second, we thought she was a 20-something starlet (Blake Lively, who plays a young Pippa Lee, was rumoured to show) until she turned toward us. The actors posed for a few photos together, making it the weirdest pairing we’ve seen on the red carpet so far.


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Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The


Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The


oh, (2009-09-17 23:49:39)
 give it up already.

I LOVE that outlaw look. ;)
and the beard is trimmed - which shows style.
he's an actor, not a space cadet ;)
besides, the suit-Tshirt-hiking boots combo has been his dressing trademark for years.

it's just Ted all grown up, and looking mighty fine.

later edit : actually, it was a different T-shirt . argh, attention for details, please ! *shakes head* what's journalism becoming these days... tsk, tsk..

Man.. (2009-09-18 04:54:35)
 I'm not even gonna go here, that's one brick wall I've run into one time too many. Let 'em think what they want - thank the Gods K doesn't seem to care ;)
(2009-09-18 07:42:22)
 He looks good.
GuestLOL (2009-09-18 18:49:20)
 “I’m afraid I can’t answer that question until I speak to my people,”
I love it when he decides to yank some dumb reporters chain
I wonder? (2009-09-20 19:31:21)
 How many times do you think he was asked about his hair and beard before he start to get fed up and came up with that answer?
(2009-09-21 01:28:20)
 one too many times, I'd say.
(2009-09-21 05:43:58)
 *nods in agreement*
sistina (2009-09-21 15:29:07)
 He does look good.
Well (2009-09-21 23:53:27)
 He just looks great whether he has a beard or not!
Huh? (2009-09-21 23:57:31)
 "Fans dismayed by facial hair"??? Which fans did they ask before they came up with that headline? If they'd asked me, I'd have told them that I've never seen him look better (offscreen, sans make-up ppl) than he did at TIFF.
Just (2009-09-22 03:01:12)
 to prove my point:
(2009-09-22 03:09:44)
 thanks for posting this ! :D

"good answer!" :D

Great interview.. (2009-09-22 13:35:34)
 And I'd like to see just once this Man try to talk with his hands tied behind his back :D
(2009-09-22 16:31:57)
 ... I just hope Letterman doesn't read this site.
'cause the bastard would... :((

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