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Robin, Keanu, and fangirling for Rebecca

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee premiered at TIFF last night. I was assigned to the cover the carpet for etalk and when Rebecca Miller arrived, it was like Robert Pattinson for me.

No one but Rebecca Miller could wear what she wore. I know you think it’s weird, I know you think it’s not something Jennifer Aniston would wear and therefore not acceptable.

But Jennifer Aniston is not Rebecca Miller.

I mean, really. Hand up, don’t start.

Miller told me the jacket is Paul Smith and the tights are Topshop. Her boots are the best black ankles I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the heel. I wish I could give you a better shot of the heel but the heel makes everything.

We talked about her relationship with Robin Wright, about how tight they are, we talked about the book, and the screenplay, and directing the film. We talked about her birthday – it was her birthday – and of course we talked about DDL. She said he’d just screened Nine in London and she couldn’t wait to see it too.

That’s me with a mic in her face, making her laugh. Please. I’m actually considering using this as my Twitter photo.

As for Robin and Keanu Reeves…

Robin’s body is the tightest sh-t ever. And it’s all genetics too. Because she’s cut. Skinny and cut. Like you don’t look at that and think to yourself that that woman is so thin she’s about to die. You look at her and say she runs 5 miles a day and eats real food and indulges in dessert now and again, and is stronger than girls half her age.

Speaking of age…

Robin is no Granny Freeze. She’s gorgeous, STUNNING, and her face moves and she has lines – lines around her eyes and lines around her mouth. Refreshing.

As for what she’s like…

Not the warmest celebrity ever. She was great with fans but once you speak to her, guarded is an understatement. Understandably, of course, given the situation with Sean Penn, sure. But it’s more than that. Robin Wright is not an effusive, unctuous woman. In comparing stories with other journalists this week who’ve dealt with her in the past, “chilly” was an attribute that was thrown around often. Ice Queen is another. Naturally this means I love her. Because she’s not begging me to.

The dress?


She wore Balmain, he wore cords and mountain boots.

Keanu Reeves is hot. From far away.

Up close… well… it’s not the face in Speed anymore. He’s suffered, he’s been in pain, he could still be in pain, and it shows. I’m sorry. I wish I could tell you that I quivered. But I didn’t. I just…wanted to hug him? And make him talk faster.

Keanu speaks very slowly. He’s thoughtful and you’ve heard him deliver a line. You know it’s not rapid fire. On a red carpet, when you only get a small window, this is a problem. In the time it takes him to get out one sentence, Rebecca Miller could write a book. And I couldn’t risk sending back footage to the studio with one lame soundbite for our show.

In the end it all worked out. He’s odd, but he really is lovely. Very gentle vibe. And there was a chemistry between him and Robin that gave my smutty sense the tingles.

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Eh hem.. (2009-09-21 08:40:05)
 'smutty' sense???

Oh wait, I get it now, her bid in the new 'Keanu and Robin are a thing' stakes :D

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