E! Online (US), September 16, 2009

Toronto Notebook: Of Keanu and Karaoke

by James Rocchi

(snipped for Keanu)

Some stars are clearing out of the Toronto Film Festival midway through, but there's still plenty of films and action left, from heartful to ho-hum to simply weird.

Speaking of which, look—Keanu Reeves! And a two-time Oscar nominee going nuts in a karaoke bar!

Hometown hero Keanu walked the red carpet Tuesday night for the premiere of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which stars Robin Wright Penn as a married woman in crisis (hmmm).

Surprisingly, the film's all-star cast (including Winona Ryder, Monica Bellucci, Julianne Moore and Blake Lively) let Reeves, Wright Penn and writer-director Rebecca Miller represent them all at the premiere and afterparty at the posh Le Germain hotel.

Earlier that day at the film's press conference, Reeves also said a few brief, heartfelt words about the passing of his Point Break costar Patrick Swayze (similar to the statement he released):

"I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Swayze; he was a beautiful person, an artist. And I know our sympathies and condolences go out to his friends and family."

On the red carpet that night, though, Reeves was all smiles: "It's great to be back in Toronto," he explained, sporting a beard and long, shaggy hair.


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