E! Online (US), September 18, 2009

Is Robin Wright Penn the New Jen Aniston?

by Ted Casablanca and Aly Weisman

(snipped for Keanu)

Has Jennifer Aniston started a trend that isn't her damn haircut? Hanging around unavailable men is the new postdumped way to behave in H'wood, à la Aniston. Oh no?

Then explain recently separated Robin Wright Penn traveling back from Toronto to L.A. on the same flight as Keanu Reeves. The two costars of the Brad Pitt-produced flick Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, got close and personal on the five-hour flight back.

"They checked in at the airport together and then sat next to each other in first class on the plane," an eyewitness tells us. "They were smiling and seemed happy, but they were both wearing hats and seemed like they didn't want to be recognized."

So does this mean Robin's totally over sleazy ex-hubby Sean Penn?

Please, let's hope this is just some high-flying cast catch-up than Robin trying to convince us she's snatched a hot new man. As doable as Keanu is, we wouldn't buy this convenient pair up for a second.


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Anakin McFly
And today we learn (2009-09-19 22:03:13)

...how to have a date.

Step 1: When on the plane, sit next to the person you would like to date.

Step 2: Smile and seem happy.

Voila! You are now a happy couple.

don't (2009-09-19 22:38:45)
 forget the hat ;)

(2009-09-20 15:06:52)
 LOL. It's funny, you're friends with someone in Hollywood..you sit next to said friend, and it's Oop! You're a couple!
(2010-03-17 15:56:02)

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