MTV (US), September 23, 2009

Cowboy Bebop is Apparently 'Too Awesome' for Fox to Make

by Alex Billington

So we know that Keanu Reeves is still attached to play Spike Spiegel in a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, whenever it gets made. However, what we don't know is how far along in the process the project is, especially since it doesn't have a director attached. Reeves updated MTV recently and revealed that it hasn't moved forward because Fox is concerned over the budget. Here's what he had to say: "There's a draft of the script, but the writer did such a great job [that] in order to make the movie, you would need half a billion dollars." I just love that quote. Was it really that awesome or did they just throw in as much as they could?

Apparently that writer is Peter Craig, who's been talking about the Cowboy Bebop movie for a while. To continue what Reeves was saying: "So the studio went, 'This movie is fantastic and it would cost half a billion dollars,' so he's doing a rewrite." And in terms of who (character-wise) is in it, well, Reeves says, "everyone is in there." Well that sounds like literally everyone and everything in the series. Why else would it cost to $500 million?! "The only challenge was to make a satisfying western narrative out of the kind of storytelling that happens. There's a great draft, so we're just trying to pull it back a little bit now."

I love that quote because I know it's some Fox exec just sitting there being like "we don't need this or that in a Cowboy Bebop movie." I doubt it would really cost $500 million, but they're probably thinking it needs to cost less than $100, when they don't realize that there is a huge following and it could make a lot of money if done right. And by done right, not only does that mean hiring a good director and screenwriter, but it also means not cutting down the budget like this just because the execs don't understand the potential. Oh well?

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That seems to be.. (2009-09-25 19:12:41)
 ..the real problem in the movie industry. Getting the actors is nothing compared to getting the writers, directors and producers all on the same page :-/.

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