Leisha's Random Thoughts & Ponderings (Ca), September 28, 2009

A true Keanustory

by Leisha Camden

Today's Keanupost: a true story. Told to me by a childhood friend; it happened to a friend of hers.

OK, so, my friend, let's call her E, went to university in Wales, in Cardiff. It's a pretty international school, so she made friends from around the world; one of them was a Canadian woman who before attending Cardiff U had been to college somewhere in the American midwest. She's the one this happened to. I don't remember that I ever heard her name ... let's call her Ms X.

The following took place, AFAIK, in the fall semester of 1994.

Ms X had as I say been a student at an American college, and while there had made various friends, unsurprisingly. One of them was another Canadian girl. At first they hit it off just because, you know, You're a Canadian?! I'm a Canadian!! :-D That type of thing. But they also had a lot in common, so they became pretty good friends. One weekend they had been invited to this party that they were really excited about. It was on the Saturday night. They were really looking forward to it, had talked a lot about it, about what they would wear, etc. Their plans were laid. :-) But then on the Friday night, Ms X gets a call from her friend who says that her brother's arrived for a surprise visit, and it's kind of awkward, since they have plans and all, but now he's here and he lives so far away and she hardly ever sees him, he doesn't know anyone else in town and she feels bad just ditching him to go to a party ... so is it OK with Ms X if he comes with them? Again, kind of awkward, he's a lot older than them, but on the plus side, he'll be driving, so they won't have to worry about finding a ride home. :-)

Ms X thinks having a driver sounds pretty good, and she's a nice person, so she says of course he can come, the more the merrier. She hangs up the phone and thinks no more of it. On Saturday night she gets ready, the dress, the hair, the makeup, and waits for them to arrive to pick her up. She sees the car pulling up, runs outside and jumps in the car ... her friend's in the back seat so she gets in the front passenger seat next to the driver. She immediately turns to the back to talk to her friend, OMG you look great, I love your hair, that dress just looks so good on you - the normal girlie stuff. ;-) While they're chatting the car starts up and pulls back into traffic. The mutual complimenting eventually winds down and she turns around in her seat again, and - of course - sticks out her hand to introduce herself to the brother. Hi, I'm X.

You'll have guessed this already, of course. He says Hi, I'm Keanu.

Apparently Ms X spent the rest of the drive sitting crushed up against the passenger side door chanting in her head something along the lines of This isn't happening, la la la la, this isn't happening ... :-D

I know from various fan stories that neither Karina, the sister in this story, nor Kim, the middle sibling, ever brag about having a brother who's a movie star. (Keanu and Kim have another half sister, Emma Rose, and she, well, she's mentioned it. ;-) But they don't know each other, in fact, have barely even met, so that situation is a bit different.) But this is kind of taking it to the opposite extreme, isn't it? I totally understand that you wouldn't want to broadcast something like this, but, seriously, you might warn people.

I love this story. :-D

And in case you're wondering how the event it relates was even possible, well, Keanu and Karina don't have the same father, and since her father (like their mother) is Caucasian whereas his is Polynesian/Chinese, they don't look much alike, and they each have their father's last name, Reeves in his case and Miller in hers. (Their mother's last name is Taylor.) So on the face of it there really isn't that much to connect them.




(2009-10-02 15:31:56)
 << seriously, you might warn people. >>

naw, that spoils the fun ;) :D

And.. (2009-10-02 16:02:17)
 ..would p*ss him off ;)
Cool (2010-03-17 16:45:11)
 Something like that happened to my grandma when she was about 25 or so. It was raining and a guy offered to give her a ride - in those days, accepting rides from strangers was common, not like today. Turns out, the guy who gave her the ride was Frank Morgan; he played the wizard in The Wizard of Oz (1939). Complete, utter shock. Wish that would happen to me...
Guestquestion to shadowspark (2013-01-24 03:04:35)
 happen what getting a ride offered by frank morgan? ...

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