The Star-Ledger (US), October 1, 2009

Morristown film series gears up for hot fall of Oscar hopefuls

The local son-father team of Mark and Ira Ehrenkranz brought their New York Film Critics series to Morristown last year, introducing area movie buffs to provocative new films, actors directors and critics. We caught up with Mark to ask about his fall lineup, which kicks off on Oct. 21. A list of likely films follows the interview

(snipped for Keanu)

MG: Your fall list includes many marquee names: Woody Harrelson (The Messenger), Philip Seymour Hoffman and Kenneth Branagh (Pirate Radio), Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee), Matthew Broderick (Wonderful World) and Penelope Cruz (Broken Embraces), among others. Any Oscar-worthy performances lurking in there?

Mark Ehrenkranz: As for PIPPA, it’s a triumph for Rebecca Miller, her best movie yet by a considerable margin and adapted from her own very good novel. (She’s ridiculously talented.)

It’s also full of excellent performances, especially by Robin Wright Penn and—wait for it—an engagingly mature Keanu Reeves. (He lives and breathes, he feels and suffers—who knew? Yay!)

This is a deeply felt, yet witty update of the kind of woman’s picture Hollywood used to make so well but barely knows how to do any more, and it has a streak of mischief and wildness that makes it really compelling.

The title role is everything Penn has long deserved; she gets to be sublime in this.

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Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The


Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The

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