Shanghai Daily (Ch), October 16, 2009

Reeves backs kung fu film

by Wang Xiang

A KUNG fu comedy movie partially financed by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves will start shooting in China this month.

"Kung Fu Hero," in which Reeves has a role, would demonstrate clashes between Chinese and Western cultures, which lead to comedic elements, said its production manager, Li Xiaowan, Shanghai Morning Post reported yesterday.

She said a large part of the film would be shot in Shanghai. It would also be filmed in southwest China's Yunnan Province, southern China's Hainan Province and Hong Kong.

It will star Tiger Chen, a friend and kung fu mentor of Reeves in the "Matrix" movies. Chen also served as a martial arts director in "Kill Bill" and "Charlie's Angels."

Two other producers of the movie are Han Sanping, president of the China Film Group, and young investor He Gang.

The idea for the movie, previously known as "Taichi Tiger," began to brew two years ago when Reeves and Chen were enjoying a hot spring on a remote Chinese mountain.

The movie will be directed by Yuen Cheung-Yan, brother of famous Chinese martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo Ping, and Ning Ying, a member of China's "Sixth Generation" of filmmakers renowned for her "Beijing Trilogy" and "Perpetual Motion."

Yuen was also a martial arts director in "Daredevil" and "Charlie's Angels." Yuen will be in charge of the martial arts part of the movie while Ning will focus on the plot.

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Man of Tai Chi


Man of Tai Chi


Guesta Chinese fan (2009-10-16 19:23:55)
 actually£¬i'm afraid of Keanu's cooperation with Tiger Chen£¬knowning that Tiger Chen has written a book on his life and work in hollywood with a mention of Keanu's private life.though all he wrote are nice words,i highly doubt the truth of some storys.
Anakin McFly
(2009-10-16 20:13:20)

What kind of stories were they?
Guestreplay (2009-10-17 19:05:01)
 OK,like he said that Keanu knew Jennifer Syme because of a motorbike accident, in which Keanu ran into Jennifer and Jennifer didn't know who Keanu Reeves is by that time,blablabla,i will say that was truly a fairy tale.
I think.. (2009-10-18 13:27:07)
 ..I'd have to see the book and the context of those stories before I wondered if Keanu would be pleased or displeased by the inclusions. K can't really control what people will say about his involvement in their own lives, but it appears that those who actually know him have no intention of harming him with their words. It's only the nutters who apparently have never met him that carry on in that manner ;).
(2009-10-19 14:37:18)
 Nutters ruin a lot it seems like. This movie does sound interesting to me though.
dengwenxiuanother Chinese fan (2009-10-20 22:14:54)
 I've read Tiger Chen's book which contains so many interesting stories.I like it and I don't care whether the words are true or not because they're more realiable than media.

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