Empire (UK), October 2009

Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Keanu Reeves

Seemingly not having aged in the past 15 years, the forever young Canadian still has the same strong jaw, sculpted eyebrows and spiky black hair as he did back in the Jonny Mnemonic days. Handsome, youthful and pretty good at backflipping whilst blasting an uzi, Keanu's definitely still got it.

Most alluring as... Super police officer Jack Traven in Speed, with his buzzsaw haircut, bulging biceps and bomb-on-bus expertise.

Interests include... Ballroom dancing, martial arts, hockey and playing bass - although sadly his band Dogstar is currently defunct.



Johnny Mnemonic , Speed , Dogstar


48? (2009-10-19 22:45:34)
 He should be further up in the list!
Vote! (2009-10-19 23:25:43)
 Well, at least we can vote him up if we so like:


hey, (2009-10-19 23:57:23)
 I voted four times already. from two different PCs. :D

Anakin McFly
(2009-10-20 00:05:53)

...that's cheating. XD

Though what I'd like to know is who's been voting him down. : Two more positions and he'd be off the list.

matrixnospoon03 (2009-10-20 00:07:57)
 If that's cheating, then count me a cheater because I've now voted at least four times.


(2009-10-20 00:43:42)
 << ...that's cheating.>>

yeah, well, no-one said life is fair.
at least I didn't get that memo. ;)

Hmmm... (2009-10-20 01:07:29)
 Maybe it's time to rally the forces at CK?
I've decided (2009-10-20 01:35:58)
 to join you in 'crime' too, so everytime I get the chance I vote him up. No harm done, I think ...
(2009-10-20 01:43:43)
 it's already posted at ck. at least I think I saw it there.
(2009-10-20 11:53:56)
 He deserves to be number one on the list! This totally rocks.
(2009-10-20 17:55:06)
 Okay so I voted and will again when I can
Up one notch (2009-10-23 02:45:10)
 Well, he's up from 56% to 57% who think he deserves a higher ranking. I have voted several times from my home computer in the last few days, as well as my Mac at work. :-)
Good! (2009-10-23 02:54:20)
 So have I, voted from home and work (this was a bit trickier). I wonder, though, how the counter works or if there are anti-Ke voting him down. I also think he should be higher up in the list.
(2009-10-23 03:52:43)
 I plead guilty of multiple voting too ...

actually, it's a (rather) trivial matter, but cheating the system feels good :D

(2009-10-23 04:10:28)
 Right you are - it's a trivial matter, and an innocent pleasure!
matrixnospoon03 (2009-10-23 04:45:57)
 Ooo, thanks for reminding me, I need to go put in more votes.

And guys... we're up to 58% now :D

I wonder (2009-10-23 17:33:46)
 will voting down the people above him on the list help (evilgrin)
Yay! (2009-10-24 16:10:49)
 We're up to 59% now. Don't Forget To Vote!!
Yay! pt II (2009-10-26 14:18:31)
 OK, we're now up to 60%. It's working!
Hey! (2009-10-27 05:04:20)
 Have you seen it? We're up to 62%!
And.. (2009-10-27 13:18:13)
 ..he's rolling on the floor laughing himself silly watching ya'll :D.
(2009-10-27 22:09:13)
 ..he's rolling on the floor laughing himself silly watching ya'll :D.


Going down?? (2009-10-28 01:30:52)
 Hey, we've gone down from 62% to 61%! It must be those pesky Jensen Ackles fans at #47. They've voted their guy up to 88%. I bet they're sabotaging our campaign! Argh!
Anakin McFly
(2009-10-28 01:33:56)


What even happens if we succeed?

not if we can help it (2009-10-28 01:34:49)
 vote, people, vote !
(2009-10-28 02:31:35)
 Up to 62% again. Keep voting!
Still at 62% (2009-10-29 14:39:04)
 We're still at 62%, folks. Voting is going pretty slowly. I've found out that I can vote once a day from the same computer, so that's what I do. Plus I vote from my work computer as well. ;-)
Doesn't seem to be helping but (2009-10-29 23:07:48)
 you can vote more than once from the same computer if every time you vote you clean up your page load history, close firefox or whatever you're using and start all over again. At least, that's what I do.
Keanu - now at 63%! (2009-10-31 17:20:24)
 I just voted for the umpteenth time, and lo and behold -- we're now up to 63%. It's working! Persistence pays off in the end. So keep klicking: http://www.empireonline.com/100sexiest2009/men/default.asp?star=48
(2009-10-31 18:48:16)
 Still at 63%
Beating the system (2009-11-02 02:11:31)
 Oh oh oh, such fun! I have just discovered that you can vote both from Firefox and Internet Explorer and get it registered as two separete votes. And I just setup my third (new! yay!) computer, so I voted from that one, too. {Snicker!}
is there (2009-11-02 02:24:13)
 a site where we can vote for world peace ?
just askin' ;) :D

and yes, I keep voting on two PC's too :D

Anakin McFly
(2009-11-03 01:43:59)

Isn't there a better way to spend your time? ;_;
oh (2009-11-03 05:32:57)
 yes, there is.
watching the Season 5 of Lost, for example. ;) :D
Yes (2009-11-03 07:58:33)
 I feed the fish
(2009-11-03 09:02:11)
Going up (2009-11-04 09:04:19)
Still going up (2009-11-05 17:18:05)
 We're now at 66%, with 3,118 votes. Interestingly, I just voted and then clicked on the browser's back button, then forward again and clicked on the voting arrow again. The counter then showed 3,119 votes. So either someone else voted right after me, or the website lets itself get fooled by people clicking themselves back and forth. Oh, the possibilities!
(2009-11-05 17:34:59)
 Now at 66%
(2009-11-05 21:02:03)
 << the website lets itself get fooled by people clicking themselves back and forth. Oh, the possibilities!>>

aprox. one hundred clicks later it's 67%.
so... you all know what to do

Well, (2009-11-05 21:21:24)
 Let's do it!
*grins back*
Hahaha! (2009-11-05 23:06:48)
 67% and it's going one way: up! Damn, we're good at beating the system. <evil cackle>
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-05 23:25:28)
 Beating the system? Neo would be proud :D
More than proud! (2009-11-06 04:51:10)
 Our tactics is working ... 71% and going up!
(2009-11-06 05:13:43)
 yeah, but my right index finger hurts ;)
I need backup ! :D
(2009-11-06 05:45:50)
 There I go!
(2009-11-06 05:51:03)
 I see you, partner ! ;)
(2009-11-06 05:58:15)
 me too!
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-06 10:29:14)
 Guys. 77%!!!!!!!! *high fives everyone*
Anakin McFly
(2009-11-06 14:30:23)

If anyone gets carpal tunnel from this, I'm not responsible. :|
(2009-11-06 17:47:17)
(2009-11-07 02:09:17)
(2009-11-07 03:12:48)
 80% and carpal tunnel symptoms :D
(2009-11-07 17:16:45)
brrr (2009-11-08 03:04:03)
Took longer to get one up - some people must be voting him down
well... (2009-11-08 05:15:27)
 The closer we get to 100% the harder it will be to move up a notch. I can't tell you the specifics, but a biologist once explained to me how it was virtually impossible to remove a genetic influence from a dog breed once it was there. It was something about percentages and how things get impossible to eradicate no matter how much farther you get up in the percentage of "purity". I wish I could find the mathematical example she used. It made perfect sense the way she described it.
(2009-11-08 06:43:46)
 I see what you mean, and even without the example it makes sense. Well, that's that.
(2009-11-08 08:25:50)
 83% after losing count of the clicks needed.
My good deed of the day ...
...aaaand the votes are steadily amassing! (2009-11-11 05:34:36)
 OK, so we're now at 6,890 votes, but still at 83%. The gods alone know whether we'll get further up as far as the % go, but we oughtta get the number of votes up to well over 7,000. Keep voting, everyone!
(2009-11-11 08:04:28)
 got to 7,000, but still 83%. Just one more mouse click today to make it more than 7,000 - keep voting!
GuestI don't know who Jensen Ackles is (2009-11-11 17:45:28)
 but it does not help Keanu that he has over 11,000 votes and only 6% of people think he should be lower
Well, we'll just have to keep voting (2009-11-11 18:37:49)
 Looks like we just have to continue voting Keanu up -- and perhaps also vote Jensen Ackles down... ;-)

At least we've brought the percentage of up votes from 43% to 83%, and we're showing Empire that Keanu's fans are a devoted gang and that we're perfectly willing to break the system and vote repeatedly (if they ever find out that multiple votes come from the same IP addresses...) to spread the word of Our Man's supreme awsomeness.

84% -- yay! (2009-11-12 00:50:33)
 I just had the pleasure of casting vote #7,071, which apparently was the one we needed to go up another notch -- to 84%. Splendid!
boxOFjuiceyay! (2009-11-13 21:40:35)
 vote vote vote! :D

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