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Is the Keanu Reeves Movie Coming to Buffalo

As you saw first on "Eyewitness News at 5" and on wkbw.com, the Keanu Reeves movie project, at this moment, may not be shooting in Buffalo.

Eyewitness News obtained an e-mail sent to area actors from the Exxcel Model and Talent Agency, based in Williamsville. Sarah Brown commented to Channel 7 that the latest postings from the production company indicated that Keanu and company may not be shuffling off to Buffalo.

The letter read:

Dear Buffalo Talent,
We get a lot of phone calls to our office in regards to the feature film "Henry's Crime," which stars Keanu Reeves, which was due to film here in Buffalo. However according to all our breakdown sources today, the film shoot dates have been pushed back and now the only location they will be shooting in as of today is New York City. if anything changes, or if they decide to come back to Buffalo and need extras for a b-roll or what not, we will let you know, but as of this moment, the film will no longer be shooting in Buffalo. Sorry to bring you bad news but we figured it will save any further phone calls to know that the film is not shooting here any longer. As usual, we will continue to work hard and submit you for any available projects as they become available.
Exxcel Model and Talent

Buffalo Film Commissioner Tim Clark could not comment to Eyewitness News, but sources close to the movie say that the film is planning on shooting in Western New York sometime within the next month for an unspecified number of days, and several local people have been hired to be on the crew.

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