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Source: Keanu Reeves's Plans to Shoot Movie in Buffalo Still On

by Matt Pitts

A source close to the situation tells 2-On Your Side reports that Keanu Reeves will not be shooting a movie in Buffalo are false.

Earlier today, a local talent agency, Exxcel Model and Talent, told 2-On-Your-Side the casting call for "Henry's Crime" went out for New York City only. However, our source says several local crew members have already been hired for pre-production.

There's been lots of excitement here surrounding the film. Just two weeks ago, several of you e-mailed photos of Reeves scouting locations for the romantic comedy. It's plot centers around a toll booth attendant looking for meaning in life when he's falsely accused of robbing a bank in Buffalo.

We contacted the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission for comment about the developments involving the film. They had no official comment.

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Henry's Crime


Henry's Crime


Will, will not, will, will not... (2009-11-17 14:32:27)
 Well, heaven knows how much of the film will actually be shot in Buffalo. Maybe they'll mostly snoot exterior scenes there, and then shoot the theatre and indoors scenes in New York city. I can't recall any casting calls in Buffalo for people with theatre acting experience, and I would think that there'd be a bigger variety of theatre locations to choose between in NYC.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

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