The Buffalo News (US), November 21, 2009

A less-scruffy Reeves turns heads on return to Buffalo

Actor checks out sites for a romantic comedy

by Tom Buckham

Keanu Reeves arrived in Buffalo late Thursday minus much of the scruffy beard he exhibited on two previous scouting trips for his upcoming feature film, “Henry’s Crime.”

As before, he drew double-takes as he meandered around Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Reeves was spotted eating dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe near the cataracts after landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, then spent Friday morning retracing his Nov. 4 trek to Main and Huron streets, where he checked out possible locations, including the former Goldome Bank.

Reeves and his technical crew later explored the vault on the former Marine Midland Trust banking floor in the Main Seneca Building, observers reported.

Others noted that he also seemed interested in Metro Rail’s aboveground tracks in front of Theater Place.

At one point, he laid down in the street for a lighting check.

As has been their habit, Reeves and his crew stopped in for coffee at the Starbucks at Delaware Avenue and Chippewa Street on Friday afternoon before leaving for the airport in a large black van.

Though some might not have recognized him without the Grizzly Adams beard, which he may have ditched for an appearance this week on a television talk show in New York City, Reeves still sported the unruly shoulder-length black hair he had on both previous Western New York forays.

“Henry’s Crime” has been described as a “Capraesque” romantic comedy in which Reeves “will play a bighearted man who is falsely accused of robbing a bank in Buffalo.”

Reeves also will produce the film, and will have James Caan and Vera Farmiga as his co-stars.

Production of the movie is set to begin Nov. 30 in New York City and its suburbs before moving to Buffalo in December.

All filming is due to be wrapped up before Christmas, sources say.

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Henry's Crime


Henry's Crime


Blatant beardism. Fie! (2009-11-22 17:02:35)
 What is it with all this criticism of Keanu's beard these days? This unshrouded prejudice against his awsome chin-fur, in all its scruffy gloriousness, is completely uncalled for. Grizzly Adams, my donkey (read: a**)! [indignant sniff]
Anakin McFly
(2009-11-22 17:11:56)

But think of the little critters that no longer have a beard to call their home! Think of them!
(2009-11-22 19:46:40)
 Oh, the horror! An entire ecosystem wiped out in a single shave. How awful. How inhumane! Let's hope that the fateful shave took place at a barbershop where the critters could migrate to other men's newly trimmed beards. It would, of course, be like moving from a wild forest to a well manicured park, but still. It would be a place to live. Or maybe they are all hiding in deep hibernation somewhere in Keanu's bathroom, waiting for the day when he'll once again provide them with a happy home.

Edit: Actually, I guess that some of the more homesick among the critters may already be braving the open savannah of Keanu's once-again-stubbly chin. Also, it's quite possible that the rest of the population is hiding in his hair. But he might very well cut it for Henry's Crime. Oh ye Gods!

Maybe, using a clever combination of telepathy and telekinesis, we can send them a smoke signalled message (shouldn't be too difficult as they live on a smoker) to warn them that the lower regions of his hair mightn't be the safest place to be in the near future. Move up in the world, little ones! Up! UP!

Oh good grief.. (2009-11-22 20:54:27)

You guys are nuts, thanks for the giggles :D.

matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-23 03:16:43)

Also, I miss the beard. I didn't like it at first, but it had grown on me (no pun intended). And now... :(

(2009-11-23 04:12:54)
 Keanu's beard. A character into its own right. Possibly developing its own personality. Media references, internet odes, movie scenes have been especially written for it ( as Scarpa publicly admitted ;) )
it's yet another first in the showbiz related media. which other beard generated so many discussions? or polls? or differences of opinion?
maybe K should officially register it as a trademark ;) seriously ;)

side note : I didn't read any fic related to *the* beard.
YET ;)

Guestwhimper (2009-11-23 17:34:11)
 I miss the beard already :(
Anakin McFly
(2009-11-23 18:50:15)

Beard: I'll be back.
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-24 03:20:35)
 ... so the beard is Arnold Schwarzenegger now?
eh hem.. (2009-11-24 05:04:11)
 <<<the lower regions of his hair mightn't be the safest place to be in the near future.>>>

We're assuming that these critters only live above the neck? I'll bet that the truly lower regions are pretty safe, maybe you should send them further south instead of north?..

Sorry, it's Monday, my mind is in a strange place.. :D

sigh (2009-11-28 18:24:51)
 sadly I too will miss the beard now that it has gone, there was something strangely attractive about Keanu and his scruffy looking beard.
LOL seer, moving south might be the safest option I really don't want to think about K manscaping anything down there :P
Anakin McFly
(2009-11-28 21:00:15)

Where did the poor critters go when he shaved off everything for The Matrix? :(
Oh, (2009-11-28 21:18:34)
 good question!

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