Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts (US), November 26, 2009

Keanu Reeves Visits Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen

OMG in this photo (and it’s not photo-shopped!) Pastor Ann Kansfield of the Greenpoint Reformed Church is in the company of two very big movie stars: Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga who stopped by the Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen, earlier today, to lend some support before the Kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal was served. Reeves and Farmiga are filming “Henry’s Crime.” Some of the scenes are being shot in the upper level of the Church. According to Ann, “Reeves is playing the part of a big-hearted man who is falsely accused of pulling a bank robbery on a bank in Buffalo. Farmiga plays the love interest of Reeves’ character.” Reeve’s presence is also being felt in beneficent ways: The film production company producing “Henry’s Crime,” Ann happily reports, is donating funds to the soup kitchen to help begin a much needed rehab of the church’s basement.

For those who don’t know, the soup kitchen serves a healthy and delicious meal to as many as 80 people each week, which, says Ann, is a 20 percent increase over the numbers they served last year. “Due to this surge, to complement seating in the main hall, upgrading the basement space will allow the soup kitchen to keep up with the increasing demand by functioning as an overflow room on busy nights,” she says.

Designers Goil Amornvivat (of Bravo’s Top Design) and Tom Morbitzer have volunteered their expertise and will design a plan for the basement space, says Ann. “The duo, who live in Williamsburg, jumped at the opportunity to help us.”

The soup kitchen needs additional skilled volunteers, and financial contributions to help with the renovation. Donations can be sent via PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=7355736), or by mail to 136 Milton St. Brooklyn, NY 11222. Volunteers can call (718) 383-5941.


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Henry's Crime


Henry's Crime


Anakin McFly
(2009-11-26 23:30:07)

aand the hair is gone.
Precisely (2009-11-27 00:41:36)
 That was going to be my comment!
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-27 02:21:50)
 That's a really nice thing to do.

... Okay, now I don't have to feel bad for saying, mmm, lookin' good, man ;)

Someone take that knife from him! (2009-11-27 04:38:38)
 I dunno if Keanu should be let anywhere near sharp things such as knives, considering how poor his cooking skills are (according to himself). Wouldn't want him to cut himself while trying to peel an onion with that big knife. His eyes would tear up and then he'd undoubtedly cut himself.

The apron looks real nice on him, though. ;-)

PS: I do hope the little denizens of Keanu's ex-beard had enough time to migrate to the top of his head before the hairdresser went to work on him.

Anakin McFly
heh (2009-11-27 19:06:59)

From Nivcharah at CK: "Is it just me, or is his smile too big while holding that knife? And who is he thinking of using it on?

I'm just sayin'!"

...my thoughts exactly. Maybe there's a fish around. It is a kitchen, after all.

Guesthey, (2009-11-27 22:52:13)
 the title of the film says "Henry's Crime".

'nuff said ;) :D

Anakin McFly
(2009-11-27 22:55:41)

...There could be a whole story from just this picture and that title.
(2009-11-27 23:58:03)
 ... what are you waiting for ? ;) :D
Guestwhimper (2009-11-28 18:21:09)
 I miss the hair already :(
double sigh (2009-11-28 18:28:12)
 Well I guess when he has his next break it will all make a come back. Maybe we should think of them as special guest stars :D
GuestAww (2009-11-29 11:28:57)
 Without that mane and beard Keanu looks 2 decades younger =.= So cute~
GuestHookers for hire.... (2009-12-07 14:27:21)
 Keanu is a dirtyyyyyy old man who hires hookers because he is unable to love! EWWWWW...AND.....He also didn't give a flying fuck about his baby and girlfriend and let them die because he is a selfish cunt that cannot look after a family!!! Is there anything else that you would like to delude yourselves with?
By the way this is a real fucking pathetic website scum bags....enjoy defending a CUNT that is going to hell....so please join him on the downhill rabbit hole slide to HELL...you are all a waste of space. Would any of you like the hookers number that Keanu hires? I bet you'd all get off on fucking the hooker that Keanu fucks.....wouldn't you, you dirrty fucking hell bounders! EWW EWW EWW!!!
how brave (2009-12-07 18:25:37)
 The troll had to wait until Ani was on holidays before showing it's ugly face
Well, (2009-12-07 19:16:39)
 the troll doesn't even deserve an answer, does it?
Stuffed turkey, anyone? (2009-12-07 21:25:02)
 OK, Thanksgiving is over, but for some strange reason I all of a sudden thought of turkeys and stuffings. There's just something about big, stupid, dead, stuffed birds that puts a smile on my face. Dunno why.

I like to pluck the meat off the neck (after breaking it in multiple places to make sure I get everything), and then I mix the meat with breadcrums, prunes, apricots, and a little celery.

Then I shove the stuffing up the turkey's ass and put it in the oven, where it gets to cook until it's very well done.

And: Voila! We've turned a mindbogglingly stupid bird into something worth having for dinner (all carved up and served on a platter), although all that stuffing may cause some gas. ;-)

{{snicker}} (2009-12-08 00:42:07)
 Ink, you're Baaaddd...


matrixnospoon03 (2009-12-08 05:02:38)
 ... oh my god, I am laughing so hard right now.
Anakin McFly
Typing from Australia on a borrowed computer (2009-12-08 19:31:28)

hah, she emailed me:

"To all deluded people who are wasting their lives up keeping a space of utter disgrace.....

Keanu Reeves is the walking dead, so much so that he leaves people to die on the streets while he counts his hundreds of millions by his smoggy pool side! Keanu escapes into films because his docile personality does not allow him a REAL life! He is a dirty dirty man! He even hires hookers because no woman would dare love such a farce! He even let his baby and girlfriend die because ‘making Martrix’ was more important to him than love, people and reality!
Keanu Reeves is the ugliest man alive!

And any one that supports him and does not allow him the opportunity to get over himself and repent........will go to hell as well!

ENJOY THAT REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life now, before its too late.....this is a warning!

God lover and Keanu pity party member!
p.s....You are not a very efficient swat team, my comment about more of Keanu's truth has been on your website for over 40 minutes now.......too bad so sad for you and all other deluded losers!

Note: Your reply's will not be read! Too busy spreading the truth to reply to Hell bounders"

Deep. And totally untrue. Keanu's pool is so not smoggy.

is it just me (2009-12-09 02:53:14)
 but all those EWWWWs remind me of someone on 'that' site where comments were blocked ?

and yes, I'd join him on that 'downhill rabbit hole slide to HELL..' anytime. ;)

(2009-12-09 08:12:22)
 won't be alone on that journey!
Anakin McFly
(2009-12-09 19:30:41)

There are rabbits, and there is Neo. Hi Neo. How's the rabbit hole?


matrixnospoon03 (2009-12-10 14:04:45)
 ... Poor Neo.
Hey Anakin (2009-12-12 17:52:46)
 Do you think Neo will find Keanu down the rabbit hole?
Anakin McFly
(2009-12-14 08:02:45)

Probably. Keanu has been known to spend his days suntanning in rabbit holes. It is in such times that the little ones take up residence in his beard and hope not to be noticed until he returns to the surface. Perchance Neo will encounter him down there.

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