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Filming starts for Henry's Crime

Guns were drawn in downtown Buffalo as scene shot

by Eli George

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The lights of Tinseltown are shining on downtown Buffalo as filming begins for Keanu Reeves new movie, which is set right here in the queen city.

Very exciting down here on Main Street. Guns were drawn here! Of course, it's Hollywood.

The movie Henry's Crime has Keanu Reeves falsely accused of robbing a bank. Now here's what we got to look at today. You'll see him getting some makeup. He is in the getaway car, but his character doesn't really know that at this point.

Here's the action that took place. Masked gunmen holding up the old Buffalo Savings Bank. Bank guards chasing them, guns everywhere. This is the scene that greeted a light rail operator who knew a movie was being shot, but she thought the holdup was real.

"When I first came down, a guy was running toward me with a gun," explained Darlene Quick, NFTA light rail operator. "I said, 'oh my god, he's going to shoot me!'"

Tim Clark, Buffalo-Niagara Film Commissioner, said, "The police really went through a very comprehensive briefing on what was going to happen here because we had to make sure, really, that all the police knew that this was part of the movie and not in real life."

The area was locked down for the shooting of the scene, which was only a bit of inconvenience.

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