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Keanu Reeves Meets With Local WNY Leaders and Media

by Jennifer Stanonis

Movie star Keanu Reeves, director Malcolm Venville, and producer Lemore Syvan met with local leaders and media after another day of filming "Henry's Crime" in downtown Buffalo on Wednesday. "Great people and great support," Reeves said of his time here.

Keanu spoke about how friendly Buffalo has been to the crew, and reveled what made them choose this area to shoot part of his latest movie. "We were looking for... a place that had a past and was kind of moving into the future and transition itself, and Buffalo was the place," Reeves said

The film crew received a special honor from Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown as he proclaimed the week of December 14th, 2009 as Henry's Crime week for our city and county. Mayors from other local cities where filming will take place, like Niagara Falls and Kenmore, also brought gifts for the film crew including winter hats since it has been so cold here. Keanu poetically explained why they're filming during winter, saying it helps to enhance the romance of the movie. "Well in the cold of winter, one welcomes the needs and cherishes the warm heart of romance even more."

Keanu also revealed more about what this film is all about. "His name is Henry... and living an unsatisfied life... now our story is morally and ethically challenged because Henry decides when he comes out of jail to rob the bank that he already went to jail for robbing."

Economically the film has brought in more temporary jobs for locals and the decision to come here may not have happened if it weren't for the state's tax credit for filmmakers. "The New York State tax credit was huge news for New York filmmakers such as myself, because that meant that actually we could be here," Lemore Syvan, the producer of Henry's Crime, said. "Because usually it's very hard to convince financers to stay in New York. I would not be in New York State probably."

For the rest of the week Keanu and his crew will be filming in downtown Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Kenmore.


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