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Fans wait for autographs from Keanu

Wait as shooting wraps up at Jinlan in Kenmore

by Mark Parrotte

KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) - It may be a wrap on local filming for Henry's Crime.

Keanu Reeves took a break to sign autographs for fans. Cameras were rolling inside Jinlan Chinese Restaurant in Kenmore. Fans were patiently waiting early in the morning for a chance to get a glimpse of Reeves.

"He's my biggest influence of an actor. I'm a writer and an amateur film maker and Keanu Reeves inspired me to be an actor," commented Daniel James from Niagara Falls.

Keanu was shooting a romantic scene in the honeymoon capital of the world on Thursday and all the Hollywood lights made for some breathtaking views around the Falls.

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Henry's Crime


Henry's Crime


Anakin McFly
(2009-12-20 17:00:37)

Yep. Inspirational guy.
(2009-12-22 03:43:44)
 indeed ;)
and again (2009-12-22 05:46:25)
 talking about inspirational ;)

Keanu made someone discover the usefulness of Twitter :D
gotta love the irony :D :D

Yeah! (2009-12-22 15:19:17)
 So cool that the Twitter poster who called herself Blaufuss1 wrote this article! I tweeted a little with her, and many others did as well. She's the one who took these photos:


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