The Canadian Press (Ca), January 8, 2010

Ontario judge dismisses Keanu Reeves paternity suit

BARRIE, Ont. — Allegations that Keanu Reeves disguised himself as an Ontario woman's husband and fathered her four children are too far-fetched to be credible, an Ontario judge ruled Thursday, though he added he doesn't doubt the woman herself truly believes them.

Karen Sala had alleged that Reeves was the father of her four adult children and was seeking $3 million a month in spousal support and $150,000 a month in retroactive child support.

Further allegations contained in an affidavit from Sala ranged from the fanciful to the mundane. She alleged Reeves told her he would take her to the Academy Awards and that they would get married. She also alleged he helped her move to this central Ontario city and that she runs into him at the local McDonald's and No Frills grocery store.

"The applicant's evidence is so incredible that it is not capable of acceptance by any reasonable trier of fact," Judge Fred Graham said in dismissing the paternity suit.

"A trial in this case would be a waste of limited judicial resources."

Still, Graham showed sympathy toward Sala's troubles.

"It is evident that she believes her allegations even though they are patently unbelievable to an objective observer," he said.

A DNA test showed Reeves was not the father of Sala's adult children, who are between 21 and 25 years old.

In her affidavit, Sala suggested Reeves uses hypnosis and disguises himself as different people, including her now ex-husband, who Reeves' lawyer Lorne Wolfson said is the real father, as is stated in documents in their divorce proceedings.

While Sala said she has no money and is on the verge of losing her home, Graham ordered her to pay $15,000 to Reeves for costs incurred. He said celebrities such as Reeves are vulnerable to "spurious" lawsuits and a message must be sent. Wolfson suggested Reeves may not seek to enforce the cost order, even though he is still on the hook for $85,000 in legal bills.

Graham noted Reeves offered to not seek costs if Sala dropped her suit after the DNA results came back showing he was not the father. But Sala questioned the validity of the test, raising the possibility of tampering or that Reeves used hypnosis to affect the results.

"I do know for a fact that he is the biological father," Sala, who represented herself, told the judge, adding that she had proof but could not show it to the court.

Sala maintains she had a sexual relationship with Reeves before, during and after her marriage, that they lived together and that he was present at the birth of three of her kids.

Reeves has vehemently denied ever having met the woman.

She said she had known Reeves since she was four or five, as Reeves grew up down the street from her. She didn't connect him to the actor until much later, because she always knew him by several different names, she said.

"I didn't know he was Keanu Reeves," Sala said. "To me he was Marty Spencer."

She also claims Reeves phoned the Barrie food bank and told them not to give her any food, and that she has recently been trying to get a job but that Reeves follows her around and "interferes."

Wolfson said it was a sad case.

"We were pleased that the matter was resolved, finally, as we wished, but there was not a lot of pleasure involved because Ms. Sala's situation is not a happy one," he said outside court.

"I think everybody would have been happier not to have been here in the first place."

Reeves, 45, grew up in Toronto before leaving for Hollywood in 1986. He starred in the "Matrix" films as well as "Speed" and "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

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The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children


The Curious Case of the Barrie Woman and her Fully Grown Children , Matrix, The , Speed , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


GuestI really hope now (2010-01-08 16:28:35)
 that she seeks some kind of professional help. There is something very sad about the way she just seemed to unravel as the situation progressed
Guestwow! (2010-05-04 23:19:00)
 this woman is obsessed!!
(2010-05-06 04:59:17)
 I would sue Keanu just to see him in person.
Not really of course.

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