Showbiz Spy (US), March 19, 2010

Sandra Bullock Leaning on Keanu Reeves?

SANDRA Bullock has been reaching out to her former costar Keanu Reeves following claims her husband Jesse James has been having an 11-month affair with a hideous tattoo model.

Bullock — who starred opposite Reeves in the Speed movies — is said to crying on the Hollywood hunk’s shoulder as she tries to deal with the accusations of infidelity.

“Keanu has always been close to Sandra but he is also good friends with Jesse,” says a source close to the Best Actress winner.

“He has been helping both of them through this ordeal. They are all trying to work through it together.”

Jesse has since apologized for not being able to keep his pants in his trousers; Sandra is reportedly considering a divorce and has moved out of the marital home.



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