Guest of a Guest (US), June 9, 2010

Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day - Newest Internet Sensation

by Natasha Storer

The new work wasting phenomenon has hit the on-line community. When a bah-humbug expresssioned photo of Keanu Reeves sadly eating a danish on a park bench emerged, some Internet whiz kid decided it was time to super impose Keanu's image on alternative backgrounds - and now you can do the same!

In all fairness, despite his fame and fortune, Keanu has had a particularly bad run: his girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn and then later died at age 28 in a car crash herself, he was sued by paparazzi, his father abandoned him, his sister has leukemia, his best friend died of a drug overdose and as a child he was expelled from school and suffered from dyslexia.

Therefore, if you want to aide the growing movement, there is an innaugral Cheer Up Keanu Day on June 15, which even has it's own Facebook page you can join.

While the concept is all in jest, it is nice to see the Facebook page urging those to send donations in aide of Leukemia and Cancer research.

To make your own Sad Keanu mash-up, he is cut out and ready for you!

Article Focus:

Sad Keanu and the 4th June 2010 Enlightenment


, Sad Keanu and the 4th June 2010 Enlightenment


GuestSigh (2010-06-15 06:26:31)
 A photographer takes a lot of shots of someone and if someone is making a face, there's something wrong! Oh the horror! Stars have their bad days and they have their good, Keanu Reeves can't think in peace without someone saying there's something "wrong".
GuestGreen Eyed Haters (2010-06-15 09:18:27)
 Shame on those that take a seemingly fine picture of the One quietly spending a day at the park, while in deep reflection, and ridiculing him as Sad while exploiting his personal tragedies?

Could it be because they themself have never done this common act perhaps? Or is it because they are just mean-spirited, envious, and have no soul?

GuestDo something real (2011-02-14 11:09:01)
 If people want to cheer up Keanu Reeeves, maybe they should donate to cancer research.
Or some other cause that he's interested in.
(2011-02-16 11:41:52)
 people have done that in keanu's name.

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