Celebrity Disaster (US), July 24, 2010

There's Nothing Wrong With Keanu Reeves, You Jackasses

by Norman Rogers

I've noticed that the celebrity media, in their collective stupidity, have decided to run around calling people "hobos" because they are out in public in regular clothes.

Case in point, Keanu Reeves. If you look at the picture above, it comes with a story like this:

Keanu Reeves looks in desperate need of a razorblade and a hot shower.

The 45-year-old actor looked more like a homeless guy than the heart-throb he once was as he shuffled around New York City yesterday.

Reeves was sporting an unkempt bushy beard, an old baseball cap and dirty jeans - hardly the uniform of an A-list actor.

There's a uniform, now? If so, what is that uniform? The media tried this with Noah Wyle, and I straightened them out about that; in fact, I received numerous compliments and "hits" from Noah Wyle fans who were incensed at the celebrity media.

That being said, Keanu Reeves is being singled out unfairly, again. Whose business is it that he's out and about in New York City? He's either working or he's not working, and his "look" is related to what he's either working on or not. Who cares?

I realize that the people who work for media outlets are on a perpetually grinding hamster wheel, trying to generate CONTENT! on a minute by minute basis so that they can hold onto their 500 square foot efficiency and their personal belongings, but this is ridiculous. Mr. Reeves can wear what he wants and look the way he wishes. He's gainfully employed when he needs to be.

He does not have to pound out nonsense all day while some editor hovers in the background and stares through panicked, bloodshot eyes.



Sad Keanu and the 4th June 2010 Enlightenment


(2010-07-25 18:04:58)
 Amen !
could you post the link to this article on the IMDb forums? personal dedication to flip :D
(2010-07-25 18:17:49)
 Couldn't have phrased it better!!
(2010-07-26 05:36:23)
 I was pretty happy with this article too! Thumbs up
(2010-07-26 11:17:45)
(2010-07-26 13:07:07)
 This really made my day XD
GuestBad news... (2010-07-27 00:21:27)
Guest (2010-07-27 04:34:51)
 I love that he dresses how he wants and just couln't care less about that "bad" press.

Keanu is THE ONE.

(2010-07-27 08:16:02)
 and THE ONLY ONE :)

BTW, I hate rubbish mails like the 'bad news' one.

(2010-07-27 08:56:24)
 "Bad News" poster must not have realized this is a site full of intelluctuals and he has to be much more creative:)
(2010-07-27 09:51:55)
 Maybe we should send him a Bejeweled robe and a crown to wear in public. I mean, what the hell is he supposed to wear?
(2010-07-27 13:19:31)
 Aw crud, I meant Bedazzled. I've got my Bedazzler out now and I'm whipping up something snazzy for Keanu to wear.
GuestThank you (2010-07-28 06:52:20)
 I'm quite pleased that the Keanu Reeves fanbase has picked up on my little post--

I spend a great deal of time defending celebrities but this was a no-brainer. One does not denigrate a talented person like Mr. Reeves and go unnoticed. I can't tell you how many people have told me stories of encounters with Reeves and how thoughtful and decent he truly is.


Thank you :) (2010-08-16 13:31:36)
 I mean really - why don't they just leave him alone? Does he really need to look stunning all the time? He was probably just trying to blend in on the street so that he could actually walk down the street in peace for once without people geeking out all around him.
Theory (2010-08-16 17:55:41)
 I have always thought that this was Keanu's "fat and happy" look, I gain a couple of kilos, he grows a beard. So if this is how he does fat and happy I hope he feels this way all the time.
(2010-08-21 14:21:15)
 I don't know, I think he looks neither fat nor happy but I do feel that he is certainly entitled to a break from fitting into people's fantasies. I've seen a lot of internet jokes about Keanu and his alleged "sadness", and I think it's really messed up. It saddens me to see him appear unhappy because he's been such a source of inspiration to me, but really it's none of my business. He's going through his own personal journey in life and those who are uninvolved should really mind there own business. To those being hurtful to him, I implore you to please stop :(
(2011-04-14 12:47:05)
 I'm not going to say that Keanu is not sad , so Ill be happy about him .. now I recalled Nick cave's words about sadness .. he said " I think society has an issue with sadness , they dont like it , they wanna cure sadness as its a disease , but I think sadness is an essential part of an artistic character"

so maybe he's sad kind of , Alright ! Me , Myself , I can see it in his eyes as well , but I have an strong feeling that it won't last FOREVER ..

but to be honest I'm not worrying about him(Even when I see the sadness in his eyes sometimes , coz when he stands up , he STANDS UP and do his job perfectly , much more harder than most of the people , and THAT IS an ""inspiration"" . He's unbelievable .

but his clothing has nothing to do with sadness , darn.. like u have never seen such depressed person in such a glamorous outfit ?? Maria callas?? hello??

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