Record Online (US), August 31, 2010

2010 Woodstock Film Festival: Keanu Reeves embraces indie world

by Timothy Malcom

So why is Keanu Reeves being honored with an Excellence in Acting Award by the Woodstock Film Festival?

For one, he’s a true advocate of independent film, and Meira Blaustein would know.

The Woodstock Film Festival co-founder was at a film screening a few months ago in New York City. She had an interest: this “tiny film” was championed a few years back by the festival. Still, there were only a handful of people in the audience, but one of them was Reeves. He read a small review of the film and decided to check it out.

“Certainly not the film that a typical Hollywood actor would find himself watching,” Blaustein said. “The filmmakers didn’t know he was coming.”

And there it was – the moment Reeves, lead actor in mega-events such as “The Matrix” and “Speed,” came to focus as a heartfelt player in the independent film scene.

“That little beat of a story shows you who he is: an actor in the film world who also has an interest and understanding of the independent film world,” Blaustein said.

The pudding proves it. Reeves has balanced his mainstream widescreen work (including “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Lake House”) with thought-provoking productions such as “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” “Thumbsucker” and “Henry’s Crime,” which will screen as part of the 2010 festival.

“It makes him a very worthy recipient of this award,” Blaustein said. “We’re thrilled to have him here at the festival."


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Guest (2010-09-01 21:17:47)
 go keanu
(2010-09-02 03:11:09)
 ... GOOOO!!!
Guest (2010-09-03 11:30:22)
 happy birthday keanu. hope you enjoyed your day.

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