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Keanu Reeves filming 'Generation Um' in NYC today

by Christine

As we mentioned earlier today, there have been various Keanu Reeves sightings in and around New York City over the past two week but, until today, we haven’t been able to pinpoint what movie he’s been filming.

Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, @inkhuldra, who sent us this article, we found out this morning that the movie Keanu is shooting is called Generation Um and is not re-shoots for Henry’s Crime, which was what some readers (and even I) had suspected.

We also received a tip this morning that there are currently signs on Vandam St between Varick and 6th Ave for Generation Um shooting today (9.7). (Thanks Nicole)

Little is known about the new indie film, which is listed on IMDb, but with no details about the cast or plot.

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generation Um


generation Um


GuestCaroline (2010-09-09 13:00:52)
 Um Generation...code name for Cowboy Bebop perhaps?

Just saying...

(2010-09-10 03:54:02)
 I don't think so....

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