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Keanu Made A Friend!

The saddest and loneliest hobo on the Internet is no longer the saddest and loneliest hobo on the Internet. Well, not today anyways. Keanu Reeves and a friend made smiles at each other outside of a Starbucks in Toronto this afternoon. Now I know how my mom felt on my 103rd day of preschool when I told her that I finally had met another kid who didn't throw his banana slices at my face when I tried to talk to him (okay, I told her this a couple of weeks ago).

And while some of you might be happy to see that Keanu is actually smiling with his mouth, I'm more excited to see him sitting like a classy lady should!



Sad Keanu and the 4th June 2010 Enlightenment


(2010-09-14 23:47:09)
 gods, I love his new look ! even if he's probably 'in character' for what he's currently filming.
okay, call me shallow. ;) :D
(2010-09-15 00:34:33)
 You're not shallow Luca :) He looks good in everything, whatever . . .lol Why do they hate him so much? "Classy lady" lol
GuestMade a friend? (2010-09-15 04:19:37)
 More like someone he works with Lemore Syvan the producer
(2010-09-15 07:01:31)
 He just looks great! And some people certainly speak out of jealousy...
mc_girlHANDSOME INDEED!! (2010-09-15 08:30:57)
 He looks amazing... Gettin better and better!!!
But I really dislike "The saddest and loneliest hobo on the Internet..." WTF!!!
Was it really necessary???
C'mon! he is a real nice man, why can these ppl give him a break!!
Anyway... HOT and sexy, even sitting like a classy lady. =P
(2010-09-15 10:07:10)
 Yea, I kind of wish he was a hobo. Then he could cum stay at my place :)
(2010-09-16 04:52:53)
 'classy lady', lol. rather Brit gentleman ;)

and Adrianna, please tell me that's a typo in your post ;)

GuestYeah hate the sad Keanu thing on the net (2010-09-16 04:58:31)
 Whoever came up with the idea of Cheer up day for Keanu "SUCKS!" and the Sad Keanu meme SUCKS, I hate seeing all those photo edits of Keanu
(2010-09-16 05:25:25)
 Would you believe it was Freudian slip? . . . Yea, I didn't think so. I'm afraid I meant every letter of that, therefore I must stand by it ;)
(2010-09-17 03:55:42)
 well, if you must, you must ;)
{{snort}} (2010-09-17 11:14:00)
 This was fun just for Adrianna's Freud :D.
(2010-09-17 12:27:37)
 I try ;)
Guest (2010-09-18 02:33:15)
 Photos are great!I'd like to thank Mr.Anakin for such a wonderful sight.I spend here hours and hours(when I am free).Whatever they say he is handsome, young(I wish I look so young at his age)and so natural.And I agree with you that being Keanu's fan is not only pleasant it's useful!I'm learning English now(beg a pardon for my mistakes)and watch films, of course his films, and I can say his pronauncation is...!I can understand every word! his <<group of civilizations>> is a walking transciption!I have never had such a cool teacher!thank you!
Guest (2010-12-28 20:51:44)
 He's with his producer?
(2010-12-28 23:24:03)

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